Grimes desires less fame and wishes to be replaced by AI.

Grimes desires less fame and wishes to be replaced by AI.

Embracing the Future of AI Art with Grimes


On this week’s episode of “Have a Nice Future,” hosts Gideon Lichfield and Lauren Goode are joined by the musician and artist Claire Boucher, better known as Grimes. Grimes recently launched, a website where her fans can create their own AI-generated songs using her vocals and stems. The hosts delve into Grimes’ motivations behind embracing AI art and her concerns about the future of AI.

Grimes, a self-proclaimed techno-optimist, believes in pushing the boundaries of art using AI. She wants to create more complicated and philosophically driven art, focusing on a smaller audience rather than mainstream pop appeal. allows her fans to experiment with her music and voice, creating unique compositions that surprise and inspire her. It’s an opportunity for collaboration and the exploration of new artistic frontiers.

In a previous episode, the hosts spoke with Puja Patel, the editor-in-chief of Pitchfork, about the new wave of generative AI in music and the phenomenon of AI-generated Drake. Grimes’ insights further enrich the conversation as she shares her experiences and perspectives on AI in music. She emphasizes the importance of humans challenging themselves and not relying solely on generative AI. Grimes sees the value in using AI tools as synthesizers, enhancing creative expression rather than replacing human artistry entirely.

While Grimes is optimistic about the potential of AI in areas like science and medicine, she raises concerns about the impact of large language models (LLMs) on our relationship with language itself. She worries that relying too heavily on LLMs, without actively engaging in the writing process, could damage our connection with language and hinder our ability to learn and think critically. Grimes believes in experimenting with AI cautiously, exploring its boundaries and understanding its potential risks.

The conversation with Grimes expands beyond AI art and touches on various topics, including education, politics, and masculinity. Grimes expresses her desire to rebuild culture, align AI with human values, and foster a positive social network for children. She believes in celebrating the positive aspects of masculinity, encouraging men to push themselves and embrace chivalry, without tearing apart the concept of masculinity itself.

As the episode concludes, Gideon and Lauren reflect on Grimes’ nuanced perspectives and the complexities surrounding AI, including content moderation, copyright issues, and the potential role of AI in education. They highlight the need for ongoing discussions and exploration of these topics as we navigate the ever-changing landscape of AI and its impact on art, society, and humanity.

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