Google Photos offers AI assist for collaborating on memories

Google Photos offers AI assist for collaborating on memories

Google Photos introduces a new way to relive memories

Google Photos Memories

If you’re a Google Photos user, get ready to relive your favorite moments in a whole new way. Google has introduced a fresh look for the app’s “Memories” section, giving users more flexibility and creative control. Instead of simply relying on Google’s selection of photos, users can now customize their memories and collaborate with others.

The Memories section is a popular feature in the app, with over half a billion people using it every month. Previously, it showcased important Google-selected moments in a scrolling carousel at the top. Now, the updated Memories section offers a scrapbook-like layout, allowing users to add or remove specific photos, start their own memory groups, and even rename the groups suggested by Google.

But what if you’re not feeling particularly creative when it comes to naming your memory folders? Google has you covered. Their new AI-powered feature, available in Google Labs, can generate titles for your photo groups. Just click “Help me title” and AI will provide several suggestions. If the offerings don’t quite hit the mark, you can provide hints to steer the AI in the right direction. Google acknowledges that the feature won’t always be perfect, so user feedback is crucial in improving the suggestions over time.

The enhanced Memories section also brings a social aspect to reliving moments. Users can invite others to collaborate and add their own photos to a Memories timeline, essentially creating a shared photo album. This timeline can be easily shared on social media accounts as a photo, and in the coming weeks, as a video.

Currently, the new Memories view is only available in the US, but Google plans to roll out the feature to other markets in the coming months. So if you’re not in the US, stay tuned for this exciting update.

Google Photos’ new Memories update is more than just a visual enhancement. It offers users greater control, creativity, and collaboration, making the journey down memory lane even more enjoyable.