Google News introduces customizable ‘Following’ tab for Android users.

Google News introduces customizable 'Following' tab for Android users.

Google News Gets a Revamp on Android: Making News Finding Easier

Google News

Google News, the popular news aggregation platform, is getting a fresh redesign on Android, and it’s set to make finding useful articles a breeze. In previous versions, users could follow general topics such as world news, finance, business, and technology, among others. However, the “Following” tab, although it showcased sources related to the chosen interests, did not provide any actual content. But now, Google News has introduced a new feature that allows users to access articles related to their selected topics directly.

The updated version of Google News has a series of cards at the top of the “Following” page, each representing an area of interest. Tapping on a card opens up a feed displaying articles on that particular topic. The feed presents a headline, source, image, and information on the article’s age. Interestingly, the layout of the feed is reminiscent of Chrome’s feed when opening a new tab.

Google News Feed

To manage topics, users can easily follow or unfollow them in the “Library” section. Although the cards cannot be organized by the user, they will be sorted in an order determined by Google. Despite this limitation, the update offers a more streamlined approach to accessing focused news compared to the previous “For You” page. It grants users greater control over the news they consume by providing a tailored news feed.

This revamp aligns with the implementation of Google’s newest design language, Material You, across all its products, including the latest Pixel Watch and Pixel 7 Pro phone. Material You aims to create a more personal and customizable experience on Android devices, and the updated Google News design reflects the adoption of this philosophy.

While this may not be a monumental update, it undoubtedly enhances the user experience by simplifying news discovery and customization. The redesigned version of Google News is currently available for Android devices and is expected to arrive on iOS devices later this year.

So, with Google News on Android, staying informed and accessing relevant news has never been easier!