Google introduces Duet AI for cloud cybersecurity challenges

Google introduces Duet AI for cloud cybersecurity challenges

AI in Cybersecurity: Google’s Duet AI Enhancements at Google Next 2023


Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have become hot topics in the technology space in recent years. While AI chatbots have captured the imagination of the wider community, their transformative potential in the enterprise goes beyond just conversational interactions. At Google Next, the annual conference held in San Francisco, Google unveiled new AI-based solutions that aim to enhance the cybersecurity capabilities of their cloud and security offerings. These advancements address the ever-growing threats, the challenges faced by security teams, and the shortage of security talent.

Google’s approach to tackling these challenges is to harness the power of AI in a holistic manner. By giving security teams AI technologies that streamline processes, improve threat detection, and expedite existing workflows, defenders can focus on tasks that require human intervention.

Introducing Duet AI

One of the key advancements showcased at Google Next is an expansion of Duet AI capabilities. Duet AI is an “always-on AI collaborator” introduced to Google Workspace and Google Cloud earlier this year. Initially designed to assist with writing, spreadsheet improvements, and note-taking, Duet AI now also focuses on code development assistance, natural language processing, and business application development in the cloud.

Duet AI in Mandiant Threat Intelligence

Duet AI has been integrated into Mandiant Threat Intelligence, Google’s service that compiles threat data from cybercriminals and state-sponsored actors worldwide. This integration aims to expedite the integration of threat intelligence into existing Security Operations Center (SOC) workflows. By automating the generation of threat summaries, security teams can make informed decisions to secure their networks. Initially available as a preview, Duet AI in Mandiant Threat Intelligence is set to become generally available later this year.

Duet AI in Chronicle Security Operations

Google’s Chronicle Security Operations, the answer to a modern Security Operations Center (SOC), also benefits from the integration of Duet AI. This AI system provides automatically generated threat summaries and response recommendations to streamline threat detection and security practices. The inclusion of natural language processing in Duet AI enhances Chronicle’s search capabilities, enabling defenders to enter questions and quickly refine and iterate on results. This preview version of Duet AI in Chronicle is expected to be generally available in the near future.

Duet AI in Security Command Center

Google Cloud’s Security Command Center, a comprehensive security and risk management solution, now integrates Duet AI capabilities. This integration aims to provide near-instant analysis of security issues and potential attack paths, reducing the manual effort required for threat analysis. Furthermore, Google is adding Tenable’s agentless vulnerability scanning to strengthen the security solution.

Mandiant Hunt for Chronicle

Following Google’s acquisition of Mandiant, a top-tier threat intelligence and cyber forensics firm, Duet AI has found its way into Mandiant Hunt. This managed threat-hunting service proactively searches for undetected attacks by leveraging Mandiant’s intelligence and expertise along with Google Cloud technology. With the help of AI, defenders can better detect novel attack methods, identify malicious behavior patterns, and leverage both historical security data and new telemetry. Mandiant Hunt for Chronicle is currently available in preview.

Google Next 2023

Google Next, the annual conference, serves as a platform to showcase the latest advancements in cloud technology, DevOps, and AI. This year’s conference features keynote sessions by Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai, Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian, and Google Cloud President Adaire Fox-Martin. The conference provides attendees with valuable insights into the future of technology and highlights Google’s ongoing commitment to innovation.

Google’s focus on AI in cybersecurity at Google Next 2023 reinforces the importance of leveraging cutting-edge technologies to combat the ever-growing threats in the digital landscape. By integrating AI into their cloud and security solutions, Google aims to provide security teams with the tools and capabilities to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.