Google extends Chromebook updates for a decade to increase device longevity.

Google extends Chromebook updates for a decade to increase device longevity.

Google’s Chromebooks: A Decade of Automatic Updates


Google has announced a new and exciting update for its popular Chromebooks that is sure to please schools, educators, and users alike. The company has introduced automatic updates that will extend the lifespan of Chromebooks to a whopping ten years. This move is a significant upgrade for the affordable laptop offering and sets a new standard in device maintenance. In fact, Google claims that this is the longest commitment to maintaining a device among any operating system. The benefits of this policy are extensive, as a recent report by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group Education Fund estimated that doubling the lifespan of Chromebooks could result in a massive $1.8 billion in savings for schools serving over 48 million K-12 students across the United States.

The introduction of automatic updates addresses a long-standing issue with technology: planned obsolescence. Combined with the difficulty of affordable repairs, this practice has led to a cycle of wasted technology and sunk costs in the education sector. However, with the new update, Google aims to disrupt this cycle and provide more value to users. Starting in 2024, Chromebooks released from 2021 onwards will automatically receive ten years of software updates, effectively extending their expiration dates. This guarantee provides peace of mind for users, ensuring their devices stay up to date and functional for an extended period.

But what about existing Chromebook users? Google has thought of that too. For Chromebooks released before 2021 and already in use, users and IT admins will have the option to extend automatic updates to ten years from the platform’s release, after their last automatic update. This flexibility caters to the diverse user base and different needs of schools and individual users.

It is important to note that the ten-year update guarantee applies to select “platforms,” which are series of hardware and software components chosen by the Chromebook’s manufacturer. As a result, this guarantee may not extend to all features and services for pre-2021 devices. However, Google’s commitment to providing automatic updates for an entire decade sets a new precedent in terms of device longevity and continuous support.

In addition to the software updates, Google is also revamping its Chromebook Repair Program to address the demands of the education sector. Quicker and more efficient device repairs are at the core of this improvement. The new repair flows will enable authorized repair centers and school technicians to fix Chromebooks without the need for a physical USB key. This innovative approach reduces the time required for software repairs by over 50 percent and minimizes the disruption to the classroom. Now, students can spend more time learning and less time waiting for device repairs.

Chromebook administrators can find more information about these updates on Google’s Help Center, the Admin Console, or the Chromebook settings. It is worth exploring these resources to ensure schools and educators can utilize the full benefits of the extended lifespan and improved repair processes.

Overall, Google’s announcement of automatic updates for Chromebooks is a welcome and exciting development for the education sector. By extending the lifespan of these devices, Google is not only saving schools significant amounts of money but also reducing technological waste. This move demonstrates Google’s commitment to providing long-term support, making Chromebooks an even more attractive option for schools and educators. With the added convenience of improved repair processes, Chromebooks continue to solidify their position as a top choice for the digital classroom.