Google expands iFixit partnership, offers Pixel Tablet repair parts

Google expands iFixit partnership, offers Pixel Tablet repair parts

Google and iFixit Team Up to Provide Authentic Parts for Pixel Tablet

In a collaboration that began in mid-2022, Google and iFixit joined forces to offer users access to genuine components for repairing Pixel phones. Since then, the partnership has expanded, with iFixit now selling original parts for the Pixel tablet released by Google in June.

One of the standout offerings from iFixit is the tablet’s rear case, which comes equipped with three microphones, antennas, a power button with fingerprint unlock, and volume controls. While the rear case is on the pricier side at $200, it provides users with an authentic replacement option that maintains the original functionality and design.

For those with a battery issue, iFixit offers an authentic replacement for $67. By purchasing this replacement, users can avoid the common pitfalls of low-quality, off-brand components that may harm the performance of their tablet. Similarly, users experiencing problems with their tablet’s rear-facing camera can opt for a replacement priced at $25.

To address other potential faults, iFixit also provides replacements for the tablet’s speakers and USB-C port, both priced at $25. However, if it’s the tablet’s screen that requires replacement, users will need to invest $200 or more. This price includes the front glass digitizer screen, a 10.95-inch 2560 x 1600 pixel LCD, and an 8-megapixel front-facing camera. Alternatively, users can choose a bundle that includes the necessary tools for opening up the tablet, available for an additional $6.

The collaboration between Google and iFixit extends beyond simply selling parts. iFixit’s Pixel tablet portal includes detailed repair guides for each component available for purchase. These guides ensure that even those who are experienced in tinkering with electronics can confidently and correctly replace the necessary parts.

iFixit’s association with Google is not their only notable partnership. Last year, they also joined forces with Samsung to launch a fix-it-yourself program for Galaxy devices. This collaboration highlights the increasing demand for genuine components and the trend of empowering users to take control of their device repairs.

By providing authentic parts and comprehensive repair guides, Google and iFixit are offering users a more sustainable and cost-effective solution for fixing their Pixel tablets. This partnership not only benefits individuals but also promotes a more environmentally conscious approach to technology consumption, reducing electronic waste while extending the lifespan of devices.

Overall, the Google and iFixit collaboration for Pixel tablet repair is a testament to the growing awareness of the importance of repairability and user empowerment within the technology industry. With their combined efforts, they are making it easier for users to maintain and prolong the functionality of their devices.