Google enhances AI-powered search on Chrome for iOS and Android

Google enhances AI-powered search on Chrome for iOS and Android

Enhanced AI Capabilities in Google Search: Making Information Accessible and Engaging


Google is taking its search engine to new heights by enhancing the generative AI capabilities in its search tool. These improvements aim to help users make sense of the often complex information they find on the web. In a recent blog post, the search giant highlighted three exciting new features that are already available or soon to arrive in Google Search.

A Deeper Understanding: AI-Generated Definitions

Have you ever come across words or terms while searching for information that you don’t fully understand? Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) will soon offer AI-generated definitions for terms related to science, history, economics, and other fields. This feature will allow users to hover over certain words in the search summary to view their definitions or related images. This functionality will empower users to explore unfamiliar concepts and expand their knowledge effortlessly.

When browsing the web, we often encounter lengthy or complex articles that can be challenging to digest. Google’s SGE While Browsing tackles this issue by providing users with an AI-generated list of key points for supported articles. Additionally, it offers links that take users directly to the relevant sections of an article, providing quick access to the information they seek. Furthermore, the explore section generates questions based on the article’s content, allowing users to delve deeper into specific topics. Publishers can designate certain articles as free or paywalled to ensure that only freely available content is included in this type of search, respecting their rights.

Empowering Programmers: Simplifying Code Understanding

For programmers seeking to learn more about coding, SGE has introduced new features to help them understand and debug generated code. Specific strings of code in AI-generated summaries are now color-coded, and syntax highlighting is applied. This visual enhancement makes it easier for programmers to identify and comprehend keywords, comments, and strings. By providing a more user-friendly coding experience, Google aims to bridge the gap between programmers and AI-generated content.

To access these features, users can sign up for Google Labs and ensure they’re using the latest version of Chrome. By navigating to the Search Labs page and enabling the “SGE, generative AI in Search” switch, they can incorporate AI into their searches. SGE While Browsing is available in the Google app for iOS and Android, with support for Chrome on desktop coming soon.

While these new capabilities have the potential to revolutionize the search experience, it is essential to consider their impact on how people find and consume information. According to Rachel Hernandez, director of brand strategy at digital marketing firm The HOTH: “SGE has the potential to change how people search and engage in searches by making it faster and easier.” She further explains that these enhancements may lead to a shift towards consuming condensed information. However, Hernandez emphasizes that the quality and relevance of content remain crucial. Users seeking in-depth information or specific details will still value high-quality, comprehensive content.

As Google continues to advance and experiment with SGE, it aims to create a search experience that is both efficient and engaging. By leveraging the power of AI, Google aims to provide users with the tools they need to navigate the ever-expanding world of information with ease and confidence.