Google Duet AI offers new features for Gmail, Docs, and Sheets for $30 per month.

Google Duet AI offers new features for Gmail, Docs, and Sheets for $30 per month.

Google Workspace AI Features

Google has made its Duet artificial intelligence (AI) tools for Google Workspace available to the public, enhancing the capabilities of its widely-used apps such as Gmail, Google Docs, Meet, Sheets, and Slides. Similar to Microsoft’s Office 365 Copilot tools, Duet AI for Google Workspace is not free. After a 14-day trial period, businesses can access the tools for $30 per user per month. Pricing details for consumers and small businesses will be announced in the coming months.

These AI tools aim to imbue Google’s most popular services with additional smart features. With a simple text prompt, users can instruct Duet to create a resume template in Google Docs, draft a birthday party invitation in Gmail, add illustrations to a presentation in Slides, or create a custom form in Sheets. Duet AI has been in testing since its introduction at Google I/O in May. Over a million users have already tried out the tools, according to Aparna Pappu, the chief of Google Workspace. Now, Duet AI is available to all of Google’s 3 billion Workspace accounts.

This move by Google represents a significant investment in AI, a technology that has seen remarkable advancements in recent years, particularly with the rise of large language models. These AI systems are trained to identify patterns in vast amounts of training text from the internet. Additionally, they can generate their own words and images based on prompts, thanks to generative AI.

The combination of computing power and a more intuitive interface brings AI technology closer to how humans work. However, there are some challenges associated with AI tools. They have a tendency to produce text that appears plausible and authoritative but may not always be accurate. For instance, when using the “help me write” tool in Google Docs, users receive the warning that it is meant for creative writing aid and not intended to be factual.

During the Google I/O conference, Google also unveiled its AI chatbot, Bard. ENBLE has compared Bard with other AI chatbots, Bing and ChatGPT, to determine which AI assistant offers the most assistance.

Overall, Google’s Duet AI tools for Google Workspace provide users with innovative features that leverage the power of AI to streamline and enhance productivity. With intuitive prompts, users can perform a range of tasks across different Google apps, bringing a new level of convenience and creativity to their work. However, users should remain aware of the limitations of AI tools, as they may produce creative but potentially inaccurate content.