Google Docs introduces AI proofreading, challenging Grammarly | ENBLE

Google Docs introduces AI proofreading, challenging Grammarly | ENBLE

Google Duet Takes on Grammarly with Advanced AI Proofreading

Google Google provides advanced AI proofreading through its Google Duet, a suite of artificial intelligence enhancements for Workspace. This new feature poses a threat to Grammarly’s dominance in the AI proofreading market. Google Proofread goes beyond the traditional spelling and grammar check found in Google Docs, offering suggestions that match the context of the document, including dynamic or formal alternatives. It also analyzes sentences for conciseness and encourages the use of active voice for more effective communication.

Google recently introduced Google Proofread as part of its Google Duet suite, offering advanced AI proofreading capabilities that rival Grammarly’s features. One notable difference between the two is pricing and availability. While Grammarly offers a free tier, Google Proofread is exclusively available to paid Workspace subscribers. For a monthly fee of $30, enterprise users gain access to advanced AI features across various Workspace apps such as Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Gmail, and Meet, among others.

The implementation of Google Proofread is reminiscent of Grammarly’s interface. Similar to Grammarly, Google Proofread presents its suggestions in a handy sidebar on the right, accompanied by labels that explain the reasoning behind each recommendation. Users can expect to receive suggestions for spelling, conciseness, grammar, active voice usage, and wording alternatives, as demonstrated in Google’s example screenshot.


Google’s swift rollout of AI-enhanced features demonstrates its commitment to staying competitive in the digital workspace. With the immediate launch of Google Duet and Proofread following the recent announcement, users can quickly experience the benefits of this cutting-edge technology. Additionally, Google offers a 14-day trial of Google Duet via its Workspace website, allowing interested users to explore the benefits of AI proofreading firsthand.

Proofread’s advanced AI capabilities complement Google’s existing suite of productivity tools in Workspace, providing users with a comprehensive and efficient writing experience. By offering alternate wording suggestions based on context, analyzing sentence conciseness, and encouraging active voice usage, Google Proofread aims to enhance the clarity and impact of written communication.

In the ever-evolving landscape of AI-driven technologies, Google’s foray into AI proofreading through Google Duet and the Proofread feature showcases its determination to challenge Grammarly’s dominance. By catering to enterprise users with paid Workspace subscriptions, Google aims to provide a seamless and integrated AI-powered experience across multiple applications. As businesses increasingly rely on digital collaboration and communication platforms, the availability of advanced AI features in Workspace sets Google apart as a viable and comprehensive solution.

In conclusion, Google’s introduction of Google Proofread through its Google Duet suite signifies a significant stride toward challenging Grammarly’s monopoly in the AI proofreading market. With advanced features that go beyond traditional spelling and grammar checks, Google Proofread offers alternative wording suggestions, sentence conciseness analysis, and prompts for using active voice to maximize writing effectiveness. Through its availability exclusively to paid Workspace subscribers and its seamless integration with various Workspace applications, Google aims to provide businesses with a comprehensive and compelling AI-powered solution. As Google continues to roll out innovative AI technologies, it is poised to establish itself as a formidable competitor and a go-to platform for enhanced writing experiences in the digital workspace.