GoodNotes 6 introduces AI-powered handwriting spellcheck and autocomplete.

GoodNotes 6 introduces AI-powered handwriting spellcheck and autocomplete.

GoodNotes 6: The Ultimate Note-Taking App Gets an AI-Powered Upgrade

GoodNotes 6

GoodNotes, the popular note-taking app and PDF editor, has recently received a major update after four long years. The new version, aptly named GoodNotes 6, brings a host of exciting features designed to enhance the user experience and revolutionize the way we take notes.

One of the most impressive additions to GoodNotes 6 is its AI-powered handwriting recognition capabilities. Building on the already impressive handwriting recognition of GoodNotes 5, version 6 introduces AI-powered Spellcheck. Leveraging the power of Apple’s neural engine, this feature can detect mistakes in your writing and suggest corrections or even rewrite the word to match your handwriting style. With support for multiple languages, including English, Spanish, German, and Dutch, users can enjoy a seamless and accurate writing experience like never before.

But GoodNotes 6 doesn’t stop there. It introduces an experimental word autocomplete feature exclusively for handwriting in English. Now, as you write, the app can intelligently predict the word you’re trying to write, saving you valuable time and effort.

GoodNotes 6 GoodNotes 6

But what truly sets GoodNotes 6 apart are the new pen gestures and the marketplace for digital stationery. The app now offers Scribble to Erase and Circle to Lasso gestures, allowing for more intuitive and efficient editing. Need to remove something? Simply scribble over it. Want to select multiple items? Circle them with your pen. These gestures make editing your notes as easy as writing on paper.

The in-app marketplace takes customization to the next level. Users can now download new templates, stickers, and beautiful digital stationery directly within the app. With a wide range of options available, you can truly personalize your note-taking experience to suit your unique style and preferences.

Furthermore, GoodNotes 6 introduces AI-driven writing features. This groundbreaking technology enables users to extend or condense text, modify the tone, or even paraphrase content. Whether you need to expand on a concept or rephrase a sentence, GoodNotes 6 has got you covered.

But the updates don’t stop there. GoodNotes 6 also includes interactive exam prep materials for standardized tests like the SAT. With built-in hints and AI Math Assistance, the app helps identify errors and guides you through each step of the problem-solving process. It’s like having a personal tutor right at your fingertips.

GoodNotes 6 can be downloaded for free on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS, and it even allows users to create and use up to three notebooks without any cost. For those craving the full suite of features, including unlimited notebooks, a subscription plan is available for $9.99 per year or a one-time purchase of $29.99.

Existing GoodNotes 5 users need not worry. You can continue using GoodNotes 5 if it suits your needs, or upgrade to GoodNotes 6 at a discounted price. And, as an added bonus, GoodNotes 6 remains free for educational institutions through Apple School Manager.

In conclusion, GoodNotes 6 is a game-changer in the world of note-taking apps. With its AI-powered handwriting recognition, pen gestures, marketplace for digital stationery, and AI-driven writing features, it’s like having a personal assistant dedicated to improving your note-taking experience. So why settle for mediocrity? Upgrade to GoodNotes 6 and unlock a whole new world of possibilities in the realm of digital note-taking.