Gmail’s Mobile App Adding Translations How to Get Them

Gmail's Mobile App Adding Translations How to Get Them

Google Adds Translation Option for Gmail Mobile Users

In a recent blog post, Google announced that it is introducing a translation feature for Gmail mobile users. If you’ve been relying on web-based translation tools to convert Gmail messages on your phone, you’ll soon be able to translate those emails within the app itself. The feature was rolled out gradually for Android starting on August 8th and will be made available for iOS starting on August 21st, for both personal and Google Workspace accounts.

Translation has already been available for the web version of Gmail, supporting over 100 languages. Google has not specified the exact number of languages that will be included in the mobile app. However, you will have the option to toggle “always translate” or “never translate” specific languages. This new feature is a fantastic addition for users who regularly receive emails in different languages and want to view them in their preferred language.

Accessing the Translation Tool in Gmail Mobile

When you open an email that is written in a foreign language, you will see an auto-generated “Translate” banner at the top of the Gmail message. By clicking on this banner, you can instantly have the email translated into your preferred language. Alternatively, you can select “X” to decline the translation. If you decline the translation, but receive more emails in a different language, the banner will reappear and offer you another opportunity to translate the email.

To manually translate an email and choose your preferred language, you can also use the three-dot menu in the Gmail mobile app settings. This provides you with greater control and flexibility in handling translations. If at any point you wish to turn off Google’s translation option, you have two ways to do it. You can either click the prompt that says “don’t translate again” when the rejection banner pops up, or you can navigate to the translation settings section in Gmail and select “Don’t translate again.”

Google Dismissible Banner Google says to look for the “dismissible banner” in your Gmail email messages.

Enhancing Language Accessibility

This new translation feature by Google is a significant step towards improving language accessibility for Gmail users. Having the ability to read emails in their preferred language ensures better understanding and communication across different cultures and regions. It eliminates the need to copy and paste emails into translation tools and streamlines the entire process.

With mobile devices becoming increasingly central to our lives, having access to in-app translation means users can more conveniently and seamlessly read and respond to multilingual emails on the go. Whether it’s for business communication or personal correspondence, this new feature offers greater convenience and efficiency.


Google’s addition of a built-in translation feature for Gmail mobile users is a welcome development. By eliminating the need for external translation tools and offering in-app translation capabilities, Google is making it easier for users to communicate effectively across languages. This feature is highly beneficial for international business professionals, frequent travelers, and anyone who regularly interacts with people from different linguistic backgrounds.

The gradual rollout provides an opportunity for users to familiarize themselves with the feature before it becomes available on all platforms. With the ability to translate emails in multiple languages, toggling translation preferences, and the option to disable translation altogether, users will have greater control over their inbox and their preferred language settings.

As technology continues to break down language barriers, we can expect further advancements in language translation within email and messaging apps. Google’s translation tool for Gmail mobile is a step in the right direction, and it will be interesting to see how other email providers respond to this new feature. In the meantime, Gmail users can look forward to effortlessly understanding multilingual emails in their preferred language, saving time and enhancing communication.