GM acknowledges no technical obstacle to including CarPlay in future EVs

GM acknowledges no technical obstacle to including CarPlay in future EVs

General Motors Phasing Out CarPlay and Android Auto in Electric Vehicles

Earlier this year, General Motors (GM) made headlines when it announced its plan to phase out support for CarPlay and Android Auto in all of its electric vehicles. The reason for this decision? GM cited the need for tighter integration with the vehicle as it rolls out a new infotainment system co-developed with Google.

This week, GM made good on its promise with the unveiling of the Cadillac Escalade IQ, a luxury electric SUV priced over $130,000. The Escalade IQ, set to launch in late 2024, features a massive 55-inch dashboard display that will not support CarPlay or Android Auto.

Some might wonder why GM would make such a move. According to car journalist Jordan Golson, the decision is more political than technical. In a video overview of the Escalade IQ, Golson revealed that GM representatives explained their reasoning behind omitting CarPlay and Android Auto.

GM’s decision was driven by the EV-specific functionality it wants to leverage. For example, the infotainment system in the Escalade IQ utilizes vehicle charge state information to assist with navigation routing. When using CarPlay or Android Auto, the user’s phone lacks knowledge of the vehicle’s charge state. GM believes that forcing users to utilize the built-in Google-based system, which can account for this information, will deliver a better user experience.

While Golson acknowledges that GM could potentially update the infotainment system on the Escalade IQ and other upcoming EVs to add CarPlay and Android Auto, it remains uncertain whether the demand will be high enough for GM to make that move.

Critics argue that GM could have provided users the option to choose between the built-in system or CarPlay/Android Auto, similar to millions of vehicles on the road today.

However, it is worth noting that this argument may lose its relevance with the next-generation version of CarPlay, teased by Apple at WWDC 2022. This version promises to integrate closely with vehicle systems and expand the CarPlay experience across the entire dashboard. Although details remain scarce, Apple has already announced partnerships with over a dozen brands for this feature. Unfortunately, GM is not one of them.

Ultimately, GM’s decision to phase out CarPlay and Android Auto in its electric vehicles reflects its desire to create a more integrated and seamless infotainment experience for its customers. Whether or not this strategy proves successful remains to be seen, but it is yet another indication of how the automotive industry continues to evolve in response to emerging technology and changing consumer preferences.

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