Get 27-inch 4K monitor for $270

Get 27-inch 4K monitor for $270

Enhancing Your Computing Experience with 4K Monitors


Congratulations on your new desktop or laptop! Now that you have the main device sorted, it’s time to think about accessories that can enhance your computing experience. While a good keyboard and mouse combo is essential, have you considered adding an extra monitor to your setup? Even if you’re not using your computer for work or productivity tasks, having an additional screen can be incredibly useful. It allows you to keep additional content on screen, such as Discord, a browser window open to YouTube or your favorite streaming platform, or any other activity you enjoy. With a secondary display, you can continue working, gaming, or browsing on the main screen while keeping other applications visible on the secondary one. To make this possible, let’s explore some of the best monitor deals available.

Today’s Best 4K Monitor Deals

With a wide array of options to choose from, opting for a 4K ultra-HD monitor ensures the utmost quality and the best visual experience. Just as there are 4K TVs, there are also 5K monitors available. Designed to display ultra-high-resolution content at a solid framerate, these monitors typically offer refresh rates of 60 frames per second or above, with 120Hz being the sweet spot. To make the selection process easier, we have rounded up the best 4K monitor deals, all in one place.

The Worth of 4K Monitors

You might be wondering if 4K monitors are truly worth it, considering that computer media and experiences are typically different from what you encounter on an average TV. However, computers have access to a much larger array of resolutions, including high and ultra-high resolutions. Additionally, computers benefit from smoother refresh rates, often exceeding 120Hz or 120 frames per second. This results in a significantly smoother picture and a better overall experience, especially while gaming. Plus, higher supported resolutions allow you to enhance the quality of your desktop and laptop visuals, assuming they support higher resolutions. So, investing in a 4K monitor can truly elevate your computing experience.

Finding the Right Size for a 4K Monitor

Choosing the right size for your 4K monitor depends on your intended use and activities. If you’re into gaming or watching movies, a larger display will provide a more immersive experience. However, if you primarily use your monitor for day-to-day tasks and need enough screen real estate for multiple browser windows, a smaller monitor will suffice. For gamers, we always recommend considering ultra-wide and curved displays, as they provide a more immersive gaming experience. As a general guideline, a size of 27 inches or larger is ideal, with 32 inches being even better. With a larger monitor, you can efficiently utilize a single screen and split windows to multitask effectively. And if you decide to expand your setup with an extra monitor or two, things only get better. Notably, our list of the best monitors includes displays that are all 27 inches or larger.

Key Features to Consider

The list of monitor features to consider is quite extensive. However, some key factors to compare when choosing a monitor include the size per price, maximum supported resolution, and refresh rate, which determines the maximum frame rate. Additionally, you might want to consider the style of monitor, such as regular flat panel versus curved or ultra-wide. Some power users prefer a dual-monitor setup over a single ultra-wide display. To make a decision, think about the primary usage of the monitor. If you’ll be using it for remote work but also intend to game on the same computer and display, choose based on the higher-performance activity. Gaming typically requires better specs to fully enjoy the experience. For instance, a high-class monitor would pair well with an insane dual-PC desktop, ensuring you get the full visual impact. For more in-depth guidance, you can explore our review process at ENBLE to see how we test monitors and learn about the aspects we consider when evaluating various models.

Timing Your 4K Monitor Purchase

While the holiday shopping season, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday, is widely recognized as a great time to find deals on electronics, including monitors, there are other shopping events to consider. For instance, Amazon Prime Day, which happens earlier in the year, offers not only Amazon’s deals but also incredible prices from other retailers like Walmart and Best Buy. Moreover, low prices can be found scattered throughout the year, often on par with or even lower than those during the holiday shopping season. Therefore, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the current deals you see, as they might offer significant savings.