GE Cync makes neon lights smart.

GE Cync makes neon lights smart.

Cync by GE Lighting Launches Neon-Shape Smart Lights That Bring Back the Coolness of Neon Signs

Remember back when having a neon sign in your home was peak coolness? It appears Cync by GE Lighting, a Savant company, remembers. The smart lighting company is officially launching its new Neon-Shape smart lights that, yes, look just like neon lights. The kicker? The lights can be shaped into almost any design you can think of, as long as they’re long enough.

Neon-Shape Smart Lights

Remember the days when having a neon sign in your home was the epitome of coolness? Well, the nostalgia is back with a modern twist. Cync by GE Lighting, a subsidiary of Savant, has introduced the Neon-Shape smart lights, which not only resemble traditional neon lights but also offer the freedom to be flexed and formed into various designs. These smart lights are the perfect blend of vintage aesthetics and contemporary technology.

The new GE Cync Neon-Shape smart lights were initially unveiled at CES earlier this year. They are available in two sizes: 10-foot or 16-foot long. Each set includes a control box, a range of mounting clips, screws, nails, and layout templates, providing everything you need for a seamless installation process.

What sets these lights apart is their flexibility. You can mold and shape them to fit your original design or choose from the included templates to create your pattern. And don’t worry if you change your mind or want to readjust the design – you can easily trim the light strip, apply the end cap, and mount it with the help of the provided clips and hardware. The installation process is hassle-free, making it accessible for both DIY enthusiasts and beginners.

But the versatility of these smart lights doesn’t stop at their physical shaping capabilities. With the Cync app, powered by Savant, you can take complete control over the brightness, customize light shows, and choose from over 16 million colors. The app also offers numerous pre-set lighting effects to match your mood, creating a truly immersive and dynamic environment.

One standout feature of the Neon-Shape lights is their ability to sync with your favorite music. Unlike typical smart lights that sync to music streaming apps on your phone, these lights have a built-in microphone that captures nearby sounds. This means they can sync not only with music but also with the audio from movies or your gaming setup, taking your entertainment experience to a whole new level.

In terms of compatibility, Cync smart lights work seamlessly with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, including the Neon-Shape smart lights. However, it’s worth noting that these neon lights do not currently support Matter, an open-source connectivity standard for smart home technology. We can only hope that an update for Matter support will be rolled out in the future.

If you’re searching for a customizable, eye-catching, and innovative addition to your home, the GE Cync Neon-Shape smart lights are an excellent choice. Their ability to change seamlessly between colors, coupled with the intuitive Cync app, guarantees an easy and enjoyable experience. But what truly sets these lights apart is the freedom to create unique designs, enabling you to express your creativity while adding a touch of nostalgia and aesthetic charm to any space. Embrace the coolness of neon signs with a modern twist and elevate your home lighting experience with the Neon-Shape smart lights by Cync.