Garmin Vivomove Sport review Affordable hybrid watch with health support

Garmin Vivomove Sport review Affordable hybrid watch with health support

The Vibrant World of Hybrid Watches: Garmin Vivomove Sport

Garmin Vivomove Sport

Ah, hybrid watches. The perfect blend of classic style and modern technology. I remember trying out my first hybrid watch, the Withings ScanWatch, a couple of months ago and being blown away. With its high-quality build, classic watch face, and month-long battery life, it quickly became one of my favorite gadgets. So, when I got the chance to test out the Garmin Vivomove Sport, a hybrid watch with the esteemed Garmin ecosystem, I was thrilled. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

A Perfect Fit, Literally and Figuratively

On first glance, the Garmin Vivomove Sport may seem like just another small watch with a diameter of 40 mm. But trust me, it’s so much more. Designed for people with smaller wrists and those who prefer a lighter watch, the Vivomove Sport is a delight to wear. And the best part? It won’t break the bank, with a price tag of just $179.99.

Now, let’s talk about the touchscreen OLED display. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first. Can a small touchscreen really be useful? Turns out, it can. Not only does it seamlessly integrate with the Garmin ecosystem, but it also offers a plethora of health and fitness features. From Body Battery and stress monitoring to sleep tracking and hydration logging, the Vivomove Sport has got it all. And with 24/7 heart rate monitoring and dedicated women’s health features, it’s a comprehensive fitness companion.

Unveiling the Hardware Magic

When I first held the Vivomove Sport in my hand, I was struck by its lightness. The standard two hands rotating around the watch face made it look like any other analog watch you’d find in a store. But, there’s more to it. With a simple tap on the lower half or a rotation of the watch, the OLED display comes to life, revealing the Garmin magic.

Garmin Vivomove Sport

The smooth glass display seamlessly transitions into the durable polymer bezel and watch casing. The glossy silver numbers, minute indicators, and watch hands enhance the watch’s classy aesthetic. With no buttons, speakers, or microphones on the sides, the Vivomove Sport maintains its clean and sleek appearance. Plus, it supports standard quick-release 20mm bands, so you can easily customize your look.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room – the lack of a GPS receiver. While most Garmin watches offer built-in GPS, the Vivomove Sport relies on connected GPS with your smartphone. But here’s the surprising part: even without GPS tracking, the watch provides accurate stats for your outdoor activities. So, whether you’re running with your phone or venturing out without it, you’ll still get reliable data.

The Watch Software Wonder

Now that we’ve covered the hardware, let’s dive into the software experience. The standout feature of the Vivomove Sport is its two analog hands, which tell you the time like any traditional watch. But underneath lies a gem – a small OLED touchscreen that is capable of so much more.

Garmin Vivomove Sport

With 12 available watch faces, you can personalize your display to show essential information like time, date, battery life, steps taken, and heart rate. And don’t worry, even the most packed watch face remains readable and useful.

Customizability is another strong suit of the Vivomove Sport. You can choose which widgets appear when you swipe left or right on the display. Tapping on a widget takes you further into its details, providing you with comprehensive information. From steps and heart rate to weather and notifications, the Vivomove Sport covers all your bases. Plus, it offers basic music controls for your smartphone, although music downloads to the watch are not supported.

The device can display up to 10 activities, and you can easily switch between them by pressing and holding on the OLED touchscreen. The watch shows the activities as animated icons, requiring a bit of familiarity to initiate the right one. Hate manually starting your activity? No problem! The Vivomove Sport lets you set walk and run tracking to start automatically after a selected period of time.

Seamless Integration with Your Smartphone

Of course, collecting data is just one part of the equation. The real value lies in using that data to track trends, improve performance, challenge friends, and identify areas for improvement. That’s where the Garmin Connect app for iOS and Android comes into play.

Garmin Connect App

With an intuitive user interface and powerful features, the Garmin Connect app closely mirrors the website experience. The My Day screen acts as a customizable dashboard, presenting an overview of your preferred metrics. You can dive deeper into each measurement, viewing detailed information and trends.

Challenges, calendar, news feed, and notifications are just some of the tabs available in the smartphone app. Challenges provide motivation and the opportunity to earn badges, while the calendar offers a comprehensive view of your activities over time. The news feed keeps you updated on your connections’ activities, and notifications alert you to likes and other interactions. The app also provides access to a range of settings, allowing you to fine-tune your experience.

Garmin Connect

The Garmin Connect website offers a similar experience, with added capabilities like generating reports, importing/exporting data, and connecting with other applications such as Strava, RunKeeper, and MyFitnessPal. Like its smartphone counterpart, the website features a customizable dashboard, allowing you to view and analyze your data in various ways.

The Ultimate Companion for Daily Use

After thoroughly testing the Garmin Vivomove Sport, I can confidently say that it lives up to the Garmin name. The seamless integration with the Garmin ecosystem, combined with its lightweight and stylish design, makes it an excellent choice for fitness enthusiasts and casual users alike. It may not have built-in GPS, but at such an attractive price point, that’s a compromise most can live with.

Garmin Vivomove Sport

The Vivomove Sport offers a range of health features that cater to your every need, from tracking your Body Battery and stress levels to monitoring your sleep patterns and menstrual cycle. And with limited smartphone notifications, you can stay connected without being overwhelmed.

So, if you’re in the market for a hybrid watch that combines style, functionality, and affordability, look no further than the Garmin Vivomove Sport. With its sleek design, comprehensive feature set, and seamless integration with the Garmin ecosystem, it’s a watch that can truly enhance your daily life.