Garmin Quatix 7 The ultimate GPS sailing watch

Garmin Quatix 7 The ultimate GPS sailing watch

Garmin Quatix 7: The Ultimate Watch for Boaters

Growing up in the beautiful foothills of Mt Rainier, water sports were never truly on my radar. However, my love for sailing was ignited during my time at the US Coast Guard Academy, where I experienced the exhilaration of gliding through the water in silence, surrounded by the refreshing salt air. As a professional naval architect, I now have the privilege of being involved in the design and construction of ships, giving me the opportunity to indulge in various watercraft. Recently, I had the pleasure of exploring the features of the Garmin Quatix 7 Standard Edition, a watch specifically tailored to meet the needs of boaters, anglers, and sailors.

Unlike its counterparts, such as the Garmin Epix and Fenix 7 series, which offer a multitude of options, the Garmin Quatix 7 is available in three editions, each with a single option. These editions are: Standard, Sapphire, and Solar, priced at $699.99, $999.99, and $1,199.99 respectively. While I opted for the Standard Edition for this review, I must admit that I found myself yearning for the Sapphire Edition, which boasts the same AMOLED display as the Epix, accompanied by additional software features specifically designed for activities on the water.


Specifications for the Garmin Quatix 7 Standard Edition include:

Display 1.3-inch diameter 260×260-pixel resolution, sunlight-visible, transflective memory-in-pixel with Power Glass lens
Materials Fiber-reinforced polymer case material with titanium rear cover. Silicone quick-release 22mm watch band
Storage 16GB internal storage for up to 2000 songs
Water resistance 10ATM
Connectivity and sensors Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ANT+, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, optical HR, barometer, compass, altimeter, Pulse Ox, thermometer
Battery Up to 18 days in smartwatch mode, up to 57 hours with GPS, up to 40 hours with all satellite systems, and up to 10 hours in GPS mode with music playing
Dimensions 47 x 47 x 14.5mm and 79 grams (with silicone band)


The Garmin Quatix 7 series consists of three models, all with a similar appearance. At first glance, they sport a silver stainless steel bezel, highlighted areas around the watch face in red and blue, and offer touchscreen and five-button navigation options. The silver buttons, black watch casing, and protected start/stop button complete the sleek design. While the Standard Edition features a 1.3-inch sunlight-visible, transflective memory-in-pixel (MIP) display made of Gorilla Glass, the Sapphire Edition dazzles with its gorgeous AMOLED display. The Solar model, on the other hand, features the Power Sapphire display, which supports solar charging. This makes it a perfect companion for water sports enthusiasts who are likely to have abundant light sources to keep the watch’s battery topped off.

I had the opportunity to experience the Garmin Quatix 7 Standard Edition firsthand, and the software elements were the same across all three models. The Standard Edition, equipped with the sunlight-visible, transflective MIP display, offered excellent outdoor visibility. The display is set slightly in from the stainless steel bezel, providing added protection. The watch is accompanied by strategically placed buttons, with the left buttons controlling display brightness and navigation, the top right button serving as a quick access to your favorite activities list, and the bottom right button functioning as the lap/back button.

Featuring a titanium rear cover and fiber-reinforced polymer material around its edges, the Garmin Quatix 7 assures durability. It comes with a comfortable marine blue silicone quick-release 22mm watch band, perfectly complementing its stylish design and marine environment suitability. The watch also offers multi-GNSS options, allowing users to enable multiple positioning systems, thereby enhancing location tracking capabilities.

Watch Software

The software on the Garmin Quatix 7 is similar to that of recent Garmin watches. The watch face remains on when the device is powered on, and users can easily navigate through glances by scrolling or pressing. Tapping on a glance or pressing the start button provides access to detailed information, which can be scrolled through effortlessly. The watch offers a variety of customizable settings for workouts and activities, allowing users to personalize data pages and select specific functions.

Additionally, the Garmin watch software enables the use of up to seven hotkeys, making it simple to perform functions such as taking screenshots, controlling music playback, and making payments with Garmin Pay. Long-pressing the center-left button grants access to a comprehensive menu, featuring an array of settings and options. The Garmin Quatix 7 also supports Garmin Connect IQ, which allows users to install and uninstall apps directly from the watch, providing a vast array of sports and activities to choose from.

Boating Features

The Garmin Quatix 7 stands out from its competitors by offering unparalleled support for boaters, anglers, and sailors. It encompasses a wide range of boating features, ensuring that users have everything they need at their fingertips. Some of the notable boating features include:

  • Autopilot control, enabling users to control the helm from their wrist even when not in close proximity to the boat’s control station.
  • Fusion-link audio system integration, allowing users to control their Fusion Entertainment system directly from the watch.
  • View boat data, providing real-time information on essential metrics such as water depth, engine RPM, and wind speed.
  • Waypoint marking, allowing users to place waypoints directly on their charts.
  • Sailassist support, offering features like creating virtual starting lines, tack assistance, and other sailing-specific functionalities.
  • Multi-function display (MFD) control, granting quick access to common interactions such as chart zooming and backlight adjustment.
  • Anchor drag alarm, providing instant alerts to the watch when the anchor is dragging.
  • Tide alerts, ensuring users remain aware of the water’s ebbs and flows, with integrated tide data and alerts displayed on the watch face.
  • Multi-continent topographical maps, offering detailed contour mapping across the globe, which can be easily loaded and updated via built-in Wi-Fi.

In addition to these boating features, the Quatix 7 supports a wide range of water-based activities, including boat, sail, sail race, tides, anchor, autopilot, boat data, fish, Fusion-Link, MFD remote, SUP, surf, windsurf, kiteboard, and kayak. Moreover, users can fully customize the data fields associated with their selected water activities, tailoring the information to their specific needs. With its comprehensive support for marine-related functionalities, the Garmin Quatix 7 sets a new standard for GPS sports watches in the boating industry.

Smartphone Software and Website

Garmin has made significant strides in synchronizing the watch settings on the Garmin Connect smartphone app with the watch itself. Instead of initiating a manual syncing session, changes made in the app are automatically synced to the watch in real-time. This seamless integration improves the overall user experience, allowing for more efficient configuration of exercise details and settings. Furthermore, the app offers a wide range of features, including customizable dashboards, challenges, activity tracking, performance statistics, deep insights, and the ability to connect with other applications and devices.

The Garmin Connect website mirrors the functionality of the smartphone app, providing an extensive range of features, including report generation, data import/export, integration with other applications like Strava and MyFitnessPal, and much more. The dashboard on the website is customizable, giving users the freedom to prioritize and visualize the data that matters most to them. The website complements the smartphone application perfectly, offering detailed reports and records, badges and achievements, and various other statistics and insights. With the smartphone app and Connect website, Garmin ensures that users have a comprehensive ecosystem to track their progress, challenge themselves, and stay motivated.

Daily Usage Experiences and Conclusions

When I first learned about the Garmin Quatix 7, I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of disappointment, as I had recently purchased the Garmin Epix. The Quatix 7 Sapphire Edition not only provides the same features as the Epix, including the stunning AMOLED display, but also offers multiple frequency GNSS support and a sapphire glass cover for enhanced durability. As someone who occasionally engages in boating activities, I would recommend anyone considering the Epix or Fenix 7 to explore the Quatix 7 and utilize the comparison tool on the Garmin website.

During my time with the Garmin Quatix 7 Standard Edition, I wasn’t able to fully explore all of its boating features, as they require compatible marine equipment. However, I was impressed with the extensive support for boating activities built into the watch. It surpasses any other GPS sports watch I have encountered, making it a top choice for sailors, boaters, and anglers.

It is worth noting that the Quatix 7 offers more than just marine-related functionalities. With a broad array of supported activities, such as running, hiking, swimming, golf, and skiing, the watch caters to various sports and interests. Its compatibility with Garmin CT-10 golf club trackers, as well as preloaded SkiView maps, further establish it as a versatile companion for athletes across different disciplines.

In conclusion, the Garmin Quatix 7 excels in meeting the needs of boaters, anglers, and sailors. Its comprehensive boating features, combined with its ability to support a wide range of other activities, make it a standout device in the GPS sports watch market. Whether you’re a sailor looking to enhance your nautical experience or an athlete seeking a multi-purpose watch, the Garmin Quatix 7 is a compelling choice, delivering excellent performance, durability, and functionality.

So, if you’re ready to embark on your next aquatic adventure, don’t forget to equip yourself with the Garmin Quatix 7—the ultimate watch for boaters.