Game-changing earbuds revolutionize sleep | ENBLE

Game-changing earbuds revolutionize sleep | ENBLE

Ozlo Sleepbuds: A Reimagined Approach to Sleep Technology

Ozlo Sleepbuds

Sleep is a precious commodity, and for those struggling to get a good night’s rest, the Bose Sleepbuds were a game-changer. However, with the discontinuation of the Bose Sleepbuds, a new company named Ozlo has taken up the mantle. But these aren’t merely a rehashed version of the original sleep-enhancing earbuds. Ozlo has completely reimagined the functionality to create an all-in-one device aimed at developing and maintaining healthy sleeping habits.

I had the chance to catch up with N.B. Patil, CEO of Ozlo, ahead of their Sleepbuds’ debut on Kickstarter. Patil shed light on what sets the new product apart and why it is so exciting.

The Journey of Ozlo Sleepbuds

The original Bose Sleepbuds and the Sleepbuds 2 were wireless earbuds designed to play white noise and block out external sounds during sleep. Patil, who had been an ardent user of the Sleepbuds, saw an opportunity to build an entire ecosystem around sleep. When Bose decided to discontinue the Sleepbuds, he jumped in, purchasing the assets and licensing the technologies.

Ozlo Sleepbuds

This explains why the Ozlo Sleepbuds bear a striking resemblance to the Bose Sleepbuds. The design, down to the cleverly shaped wings that secure the buds in your ears, remains remarkably similar. However, there is one significant change – the Ozlo Sleepbuds house a new, more efficient lithium-ion battery, ensuring longer-lasting functionality.

Enhanced Features for a Better Sleep Experience

Ozlo Sleepbuds

One standout feature of the Ozlo Sleepbuds is the ability to stream audio from any source, a vast improvement over the curated sounds available on the original Bose Sleepbuds. Whether it’s Spotify or YouTube, you can stream your preferred audio directly to the Sleepbuds. Additionally, Ozlo has customized masking sounds to help block out snoring partners and other disruptive noises, ensuring more extended periods of uninterrupted sleep. Users also have the flexibility to customize the audio behavior, switching between streaming audio and masking sounds based on personalized sleep staging.

To monitor sleep stages accurately, Ozlo has incorporated sensors into the Sleepbuds. These sensors track respiration rate and movement to provide detailed sleep reports in the morning. Although the sleep staging feature will be in beta for the first few months, Ozlo is committed to continual improvement.

Creating a Complete Sleep Ecosystem

The Ozlo Sleepbuds, when combined with their innovative case, create a unique sleep-tracking experience. While the Sleepbuds themselves do not include a heart rate sensor, the case boasts a temperature sensor, microphone, and light sensor. Ozlo plans to release a software development kit (SDK) for developers to integrate data collected from the Sleepbuds and case. This integration aims to provide users with a comprehensive understanding of factors affecting their sleep quality, such as temperature changes or unexpected sounds. By integrating Ozlo’s SDK, meditation and relaxation apps can also assess the impact of streamed audio on sleep quality.

The Ozlo Sleepbuds and case provide a complementary picture of sleep patterns compared to traditional sleep trackers like the Oura Ring. With personalization options, users can stream audio according to their preferences and timeframe. The new battery ensures up to 10 hours of continuous audio streaming on the Sleepbuds, with the case providing four days of earbud use. Annoying battery drain, previously a concern with the earlier model, has been eliminated, ensuring optimal readiness whenever you need the Sleepbuds.

The Cost of a Good Night’s Sleep

Bose Sleepbuds

The initial launch of the Ozlo Sleepbuds will be through Kickstarter, priced at $299. Orders will be fulfilled between September and December of this year. Ozlo plans to sell directly through their website and has already secured several retail partnerships. The Sleepbuds will initially be available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Ozlo aims to keep the Sleepbuds accessible without implementing a general subscription model for basic functionality. However, they may introduce a subscription service in the future that offers benefits such as free replacements for lost or stolen earbuds or additional diagnostics for specific symptoms requiring treatment. It’s clear that Ozlo has long-term plans to establish itself as a sleep and audio technology company, providing non-pharmaceutical sleep products to simplify sleep rituals for clinical benefit.

The Future of Sleep Technology

The Ozlo Sleepbuds have taken the basic concept of using ambient sound for better sleep and expanded on it significantly. By incorporating new features such as customizable audio streaming, masking sounds, and sleep tracking capabilities, Ozlo has transformed sleep technology. While the Sleepbuds don’t replace comprehensive sleep trackers, they offer a unique and valuable addition to the sleep ecosystem.

The Ozlo Sleepbuds are now available for pre-order on Kickstarter starting from August 22nd. Prepare yourself for a sleep experience like no other!