FTC accuses Elon Musk of compromising data privacy and security at Twitter.

FTC accuses Elon Musk of compromising data privacy and security at Twitter.

Elon Musk Faces More Scrutiny for Handling of Privacy and Security Issues at X

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Court filings have shed new light on the ongoing investigation by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) into Elon Musk’s management of privacy and security concerns at X. The recently disclosed documents reveal a “chaotic environment” fostered by Musk at X, formerly known as Twitter, which hindered compliance with the company’s obligations to the FTC.

The FTC investigation traces back to a settlement reached in 2022 between the regulatory agency and Twitter under the leadership of Jack Dorsey. Prior to Musk’s acquisition of the company, Twitter had already faced a $150 million fine and agreed to implement specific privacy and security measures. However, once Musk assumed control, these additional data protection measures appeared to have been neglected, prompting a fresh examination by the regulator.

The FTC started investigating in March into the rushed launch of Twitter Blue, a premium subscription service, which reportedly bypassed the required privacy and security review mandated by the previous FTC order. The investigation also encompassed Musk’s handling of the “Twitter Files,” adding another layer of scrutiny to his management practices.

In the latest court documents, the Department of Justice shared new insights provided by former top Twitter executives. Damien Kieran, Twitter’s former chief privacy officer, admitted that Twitter Blue was introduced so hastily that “security and privacy review was not conducted in accordance with the company’s process for software development.” This revelation highlights the disorganized approach taken in launching the service.

The court documents also contain employee concerns over Musk’s attempt to grant an outside journalist unrestricted access to X’s internal systems. Despite the intervention of long-serving information security employees, the journalist eventually gained access to files and systems through an intermediary. Such incidents raise questions about the transparency and control within the company under Musk’s leadership.

Furthermore, the government addresses concerns about Musk’s rearrangement of company servers between data centers. While the company’s policy mandated wiping servers before moving them, former Twitter employees noted that this protocol was not followed. Additionally, the rapid layoffs instigated by Musk resulted in significant reductions in the number of Twitter staff who could have played a role in keeping the company compliant with the FTC’s requirements.

Despite requests for comment, X did not respond to the inquiries, while Musk himself has previously characterized the investigation as the “weaponization of a government agency for political purposes.” This comment indicates the contentious nature of the investigation from Musk’s perspective.

Ultimately, the burden of accountability may fall directly on the owner of X. The FTC contends that Musk should provide a deposition, although lawyers representing X have attempted to prevent this from happening. The government asserts that during its investigation, evidence emerged showing Musk’s deep involvement in the “fundamental transformation” of X Corp. The filing further claims that Musk exerted minute control over X Corp., occasionally issuing directions to employees that potentially jeopardized data privacy and security.

The ongoing investigation into Musk’s role in the management of privacy and security concerns at X highlights the importance of maintaining thorough adherence to regulatory requirements and industry standards. As the case unfolds, it will be interesting to see how this situation impacts not only Musk’s reputation but also the future of X as a technology and media company.

Table 1: Key Points

Investigation Highlights
– Elon Musk’s management of privacy and security at X faces scrutiny
– Previous FTC settlement with Twitter provides background
– Rushed launch of Twitter Blue raises concerns
– Employee concerns over Musk’s handling of journalism access
– Musk’s reorganization of company servers prompts additional concerns
– Rapid layoffs impact compliance capabilities
– X and Musk’s responses to the investigation
– Potential deposition of Musk raises questions about his involvement
– The transformation of X Corp under Musk’s leadership is under scrutiny
– Importance of regulatory compliance and industry standards in technology and media industries

Image source: Pixabay