Fitbit app gets Google-like refresh.

Fitbit app gets Google-like refresh.

Fitbit App to Get a Fresh Design and Improved Features

Fitbit App Redesign

The Fitbit app, owned by Google, is set to undergo a revamp this fall, with select users already receiving early beta invites. The announcement by Google reveals that the app will not only receive a new design but also an enhanced layout and presentation of users’ data. This update aims to provide a simpler and more motivating experience for Fitbit users.

The redesigned Fitbit app will feature a refreshed look and feel, incorporating Google’s signature design elements. Users can expect new icons and a fresh color palette that align with Google’s aesthetic. This visual makeover will give the app a more modern and cohesive appearance.

In addition to the visual updates, the Fitbit app will introduce a refined organization of users’ data into three distinct tabs. The “Today” tab will serve as a personalized dashboard, displaying users’ latest stats and progress towards their fitness goals. This tab will further enhance user experience by presenting data in easy-to-understand charts and graphs.

The second tab, named “Coach,” will cater to users’ workout and mindfulness needs. Fitbit users will have access to a variety of workouts and mindfulness sessions through this tab. Premium subscribers can also benefit from paywalled classes, expanding their fitness options and offering a comprehensive fitness solution.

The final tab, dubbed “You,” empowers users to manage their account settings, community connections, and personal progress. This tab will serve as a one-stop hub for Fitbit users, allowing them to customize their Fitbit experience according to their preferences.

Google’s emphasis on a simplified and motivating app underscores its commitment to user engagement. By providing a more intuitive user interface and a seamless navigation experience, Fitbit users will find it easier than ever to track their health data. Moreover, the app will allow users to log information without relying solely on a Fitbit device, making it even more accessible and inclusive.

The timing of the Fitbit app update aligns with speculation surrounding the launch of the Pixel Watch 2, expected to be announced around the same time. Google’s holistic approach suggests that users should look forward to an ecosystem where hardware and software work harmoniously together to deliver a seamless and comprehensive fitness experience.

Overall, the Fitbit app redesign promises to revolutionize the way users interact with their health and fitness data. By combining a fresh design, improved layout, and enhanced features, Fitbit users can expect a more enjoyable and motivating journey towards achieving their fitness goals.