First Day Impressions of Galaxy Z Flip 5

First Day Impressions of Galaxy Z Flip 5

The Galaxy Z Flip 5: A Major Upgrade for Samsung’s Flip Phone

The new Galaxy Z Flip 5 is making waves in the world of flip phones, and for good reason. It boasts a giant new cover screen that sets it apart from its predecessors, making it one of the biggest upgrades we’ve seen in years. In fact, it’s already clear that the Z Flip 5 offers a departure from the previous Z Flip 4.

One of the most significant improvements with the Z Flip 5 is its spacious cover screen. Unlike the Z Flip 4, the Z Flip 5’s external screen is no longer limited to just quick checks of your calendar or the weather. Now, you can actually interact with apps and reply to messages directly from the cover screen. This makes the foldable more purposeful even when it’s closed, enhancing user experience and convenience.

Samsung isn’t the only company exploring new uses for cover screens, however. Motorola also introduced a similar concept with its new Razr Plus, which launched in June. While it’s difficult to compare the two flip phones after only a limited amount of time with the Z Flip 5, it’s clear that Samsung and Motorola have taken different approaches.

The Z Flip 5’s larger cover screen, known as the Flex Window, has a lot of potential. While it primarily showcases widgets, it also allows access to a select number of apps. Initially, this might seem limiting compared to the Razr Plus’ external display which supports nearly any app. However, Samsung’s curated experience relies heavily on widgets and notifications rather than full apps. This approach makes sense, as apps can look squished on a small display. Nonetheless, Samsung has plans to support additional apps through their Good Lock launcher.

Interestingly, even though the Z Flip 5’s cover screen doesn’t support every app, you can still reply to notifications from unsupported apps. For instance, you can type a response to a direct message received on Instagram. In the short time spent with the device, basic tasks like scrolling through notifications, setting alarms, and reading messages on WhatsApp have been seamless.

Despite its promising features, there are a few limitations. Apps need to be granted access to the cover screen through the settings menu, and certain popular apps like Spotify are not yet available on the external display. Samsung has room for growth in optimizing software, apps, and accessories for the front display, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with.

As for the aesthetics, Samsung has made an important change with the new hinge on the Galaxy Z Flip 5. When closed, both the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 5 fully shut without any wedge-shaped air gap. This cosmetic upgrade not only enhances the device’s sleek look but also improves durability by reducing the number of moving parts. However, only time will tell how this change truly impacts the phone’s long-term reliability.

Compared to the Motorola Razr Plus, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 feels sturdier and more reliable. Opening the Razr Plus sometimes requires a little extra push to ensure it unfolds completely, while the Z Flip 5 opens up effortlessly. It’s important to note that these observations are based on just one day of usage with the new Z Flip, whereas the Razr Plus had been used over a couple of weeks.

It’s worth mentioning that the Galaxy Z Flip 5 still has a noticeable crease on its main screen, similar to its predecessor, the Z Flip 4. This crease remains a challenge for any company producing a phone with a folding screen, and we hope Samsung can find a solution in the near future.

The Galaxy Z Flip 5 shares the same chip as the Galaxy S23 series, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy processor. This upgrade is expected to improve battery life and camera performance. With a battery that only dipped to 80% after five and a half hours of use, and the addition of a new lens coating to reduce flare, the Z Flip 5 seems promising in these areas.

While we await a full review and further comparisons between the Z Flip 5 and the Z Flip 4, it’s clear that Samsung has made significant strides with this new model. The Z Flip 5 might not be enough to convince non-flip phone users to switch, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

To pre-order the Galaxy Z Flip 5, visit Samsung’s website. The price is set at $1,000.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 vs Motorola Razr Plus, Galaxy Z Flip 4, and Motorola Razr 2023: Specs Comparison

To give you a better understanding of the Galaxy Z Flip 5’s features, let’s compare it with the Motorola Razr Plus, Galaxy Z Flip 4 5G, and Motorola Razr 2023:

Feature Galaxy Z Flip 5 Motorola Razr Plus Galaxy Z Flip 4 5G Motorola Razr 2023
Display size, tech, resolution, refresh rate, brightness Cover: 3.4-inch AMOLED (728 x 720 pixels); internal: 6.7-inch AMOLED (2,640 x 1,080 pixels); 1-120Hz Cover: 3.6-inch OLED (1,066 x 1,056 pixels); internal: 6.9-inch (2,640 pixels x 1,080) Cover: 1.9-inch AMOLED (512 x 260 pixels); internal: 6.7-inch (2,640 x 1,080 pixels) Cover: 1.5-inch, OLED (194 x 368 pixels); internal: 6.9-inch (2,640 pixels x 1,080)
Pixel density Cover: 306 ppi, Internal: 425 ppi Cover: 413 ppi, Internal: 413ppi Cover: 302 ppi, Internal: 425 ppi Cover: 282 ppi, Internal: 413 ppi
Dimensions (inches) Open: 6.5 x 2.83 x 0.27 in; closed: 3.35 x 2.83 x 0.59 in Open: 2.91 x 6.73 x 0.28 in; closed: 2.91 x 3.48 x 0.59 in Open: 2.83 x 3.3 x 0.67 in; closed: 2.83 x 6.5 x 0.27 in Open: 2.91 x 6.73 x 0.29 in; closed: 2.91 x 3.47 x 0.62 in
Dimensions (millimeters) Open: 71.88 x 165.1 x 6.89 mm; closed: 71.88 x 85.09 x 14.99 mm Open: 73.95 x 170.83 x 6.99 mm; closed: 73.95 x 88.42 x 15.1 mm Open: 71.9 x 165.2 x 6.9 mm; closed: 71.9 x 84.9 x 17.1 mm; hinge: 15.9 mm (sagging) Open: 73.95 x 170.82 x 7.35 mm; closed: 73.95 x 88.24 x 15.8 mm
Weight (grams, ounces) 187 g (6.6 oz) 189 g (6.64 oz) 187 g (6.59 oz) 189 g (6.65 oz)
Mobile software Android 13 Android 13 Android 12/13 Android 13
Camera 12-megapixel (main), 12-megapixel (ultrawide) 12-megapixel (main), 13-megapixel (ultrawide) 12-megapixel (main), 12-megapixel (ultrawide) 64-megapixel (main), 13-megapixel (ultrawide)
Front-facing camera 10-megapixel 32-megapixel 10-megapixel 32-megapixel
Video capture TBD 4K 4K 4K
Processor Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 Snapdragon 7 Gen 1
RAM/storage 8GB + 256GB/512GB 8GB + 256GB 8GB + 128GB/256GB/512GB 8GB + 128GB
Expandable storage None None None None
Battery 3,700 mAh (dual-battery) 3,800 mAh 3,700 mAh 4,200 mAh
Fingerprint sensor Side Side Side Side
Headphone jack None None None None
Special features 5G-enabled, IPX8 water resistance, 25W wired charging, wireless charging, wireless power share, dual SIM IP52, 5G-enabled, foldable display, 30W wired charging, wireless charging IPX8, 5G-enabled, foldable display, wireless charging, 25W fast charging IP52, 5G-enabled, foldable display, 30W wired charging, 5W wireless charging
US price off-contract $1,000 $1,000 $999 TBA
UK price £1,049 Converts to £780 £999 TBA
Australia price AU$1,649 Converts to AU$1,475 AU$1,499 TBA

This detailed spec comparison will help you make an informed decision when looking for the perfect flip phone.

Overall, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 is shaping up to be a significant improvement for Samsung’s flip phone lineup. It offers an innovative cover screen experience and a sleek appearance. While it may not sway non-flip phone users, Samsung is certainly moving in the right direction. Pre-orders for the Galaxy Z Flip 5 are now available on Samsung’s official website for $1,000. So why not take the plunge into the exciting world of flip phones with the Galaxy Z Flip 5?