ExpressVPN Top choice for gaming and streaming

ExpressVPN Top choice for gaming and streaming

ExpressVPN: A Solid Choice for Streaming, Gaming, and Frequent Travel


ExpressVPN has quickly become a household name in the world of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), thanks to its prevalence in mainstream advertisements on platforms like YouTube. It has consistently impressed users with its exceptional performance in streaming services, gaming, and catering to frequent travelers. While it might fall short in areas like security and user-friendliness, ExpressVPN still remains a top contender in the VPN market.

When it comes to VPN use cases, there are three main factors that users consider: geoblocking, streaming, and gaming. To evaluate ExpressVPN’s capabilities, I put it to the test. One particular scenario involved watching the blockbuster movie “Shrek” on Canadian Netflix while being in my US-based home office, where the movie is currently unavailable.

Signing up for ExpressVPN and downloading the software was a breeze. However, compared to some of its competitors, such as ProtonVPN, it lacked the ease of signing in across multiple platforms. On the other hand, ExpressVPN does offer a helpful password manager, which simplifies credential storage and autofill features, keeping users’ accounts secure in an era where strong passwords are crucial.

One surprising aspect I discovered during my tests was that ExpressVPN’s internet speeds outperformed our baseline internet speed measures. This anomaly suggests that the service may be circumventing traffic shaping by the internet service provider, resulting in faster speeds compared to other VPN providers. ExpressVPN also excelled in masking IP addresses, passing DNS and WebRTC leak tests with flying colors.

The ability to access geo-blocked content effortlessly was another highlight of ExpressVPN. Buffering was minimal, if not nonexistent, and even when streaming news on YouTube, there were only minor loading delays that quickly resolved themselves. The service also passed the gaming test, with no noticeable lag or extended loading times during an online gaming session. Even when playing the simple multiplayer game from a UK-based VPN server, the experience remained seamless.

Surfing the web with ExpressVPN was as smooth as being online without a VPN. However, in terms of security, I did find myself wishing for more. While ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands, which provides certain advantages due to the territory’s lack of foreign intelligence operations and limited participation in intelligence-sharing agreements, it is owned by Kape Technologies. And Kape Technologies has a questionable history that includes spreading malware. Additionally, in 2021, ExpressVPN’s Chief Information Officer, Daniel Gericke, was charged by the Department of Justice for cyberspying activities on behalf of the UAE. ExpressVPN stood by Gericke in a blog post.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. ExpressVPN deserves credit for publicly sharing security audits of its mobile apps, protocols, and desktop apps in the previous year, showcasing their commitment to transparency. However, a 2021 Consumer Reports study did highlight areas where ExpressVPN fell short, including the absence of multifactor authentication support, inadequate brute force mitigation checks, and data retention even after account termination. Although ExpressVPN exceeds industry standards in some aspects, it has room for improvement in terms of security practices.

Ultimately, I recommend ExpressVPN as the top choice for gamers, frequent travelers, and heavy users of streaming services. With the ability to access a wide range of locations from various devices, high-speed connections, and minimal lag, it is a solid option for users who put significant strain on their internet service providers. However, for those who prioritize security or seek more affordable options, there may be better VPNs available.

In conclusion, ExpressVPN shines in providing seamless streaming, gaming, and travel experiences. Its wide range of servers across 94 countries, coupled with its user-friendly configuration instructions, make it an attractive choice for many users. While it falls short in terms of security, with its dodgy ownership history and questionable practices, ExpressVPN still delivers on its promise of high-speed connections, stability, and accessibility across multiple devices. So, whether you’re a binge-watcher, avid gamer, or globe-trotter, ExpressVPN has got you covered.