Exclusive Galaxy Watch 6 deal not on Samsung’s website | ENBLE

Exclusive Galaxy Watch 6 deal not on Samsung's website | ENBLE

The New Samsung Galaxy Watch 6: A Next-Level Smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Image credit: Andrew Martonik / ENBLE

Samsung is not just known for its exceptional mobile and tablet devices, but also for its stunning range of wearables. If you caught a glimpse of Samsung’s Unpacked event, you would have seen the unveiling of the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, showcasing remarkable improvements over the previous generation. While the previous models were already excellent, the latest iterations take things up a notch.

One notable enhancement is the reduction in weight, making the watches lighter and more comfortable to wear. Additionally, the new Galaxy Watches boast larger displays with support for higher resolutions. As for battery life, Samsung promises an impressive 30 to 40 hours of usage, depending on whether you enable the always-on display feature. It’s evident that Samsung has left no stone unturned in perfecting these smartwatches, and now is the perfect time to seize the opportunity with the ongoing Galaxy Watch 6 pre-order deals.

But don’t delay, as the pre-order period is coming to a close soon. Starting next week, these sought-after Samsung devices will hit the market, giving you limited time to take advantage of these deals. Samsung itself has an enticing pre-order bonus, offering a complimentary fabric band with any purchase. Moreover, eligible trade-ins can score you up to $250 in savings. However, the pièce de résistance lies in our exclusive partnership with Samsung, granting you an additional $50 off at checkout. Just be sure to use our link and revel in the cost savings.

Why the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 deserves your pre-order

The most apparent upgrade in the new Galaxy Watch lineup is the larger screens. Whether you opt for the 40mm Watch 6 or the 44mm Watch 6 Classic, both models feature a spacious 1.3-inch screen. This convenience takes away the dilemma of choosing between the two sizes. Furthermore, the devices boast the Exynos W930 processor, which offers a significant boost in processing power over its predecessors. Samsung claims the new processor is 18% faster, resulting in an overall snappier performance.

On the software front, both watches run on Samsung OneUI 5, layered over Android 13. This combination creates an integrated ecosystem that enhances your user experience. Health enthusiasts will appreciate the new health tracking features, including an automatic alert for irregular heart rhythms— a feature that Apple Watches have had for quite some time. Samsung has, in fact, ‘borrowed’ other sought-after features like fall detection and sleep coaching from the best Apple Watches, putting the Galaxy Watch 6 on par with its competitors.

If you’re seeking one of the finest smartwatches on the market, the Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic deserve your attention. Luckily, there are numerous ways to acquire these remarkable devices at a reduced price compared to the starting price of $300 for the Watch 6 and $330 for the Watch 6 Classic.

The trade-in program offers impressive savings. For example, trading in an eligible watch, such as the Galaxy Watch 4, can grant you up to $100 off. Meanwhile, the Watch 4 Classic can land you up to $200 in savings. Similarly, owners of the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Classic can receive $150 and $200 off, respectively. Even if you currently own a smartwatch from another manufacturer, you can still obtain enticing trade-in offers. The Series 7 and Series 8 Apple Watches can earn you up to $250 towards your new Galaxy Watch.

Don’t forget about our exclusive deal with Samsung either. By using our link, you instantly save $50 at checkout, in addition to receiving a complimentary fabric strap with your pre-order. As you can see, Samsung has made it irresistibly enticing to switch to their smartwatch, regardless of what you currently own. Hurry though, as these deals won’t last forever. They will be coming to an end as early as next week when the devices officially launch. Seize the opportunity now, especially if you were already planning on pre-ordering or purchasing a Galaxy Watch 6.