Elon Musk’s app pays users, expect engagement bait deluge.

Elon Musk's app pays users, expect engagement bait deluge.

Get Ready for a Flood of Engagement Bait on Twitter X Premium

Twitter X Premium

Twitter, or should we say X, has recently made waves by offering to pay users for their tweets. Elon Musk, the owner of X, fulfilled his promise to reward users who join X Premium with the Creator Ads Revenue Sharing program. This program allows paying users to monetize their tweets and earn money based on certain eligibility requirements.

Initially, to join the program, users had to meet specific criteria, including having 15 million tweet impressions in the last three months and a minimum payout of $50. However, specifics about how the payment was calculated were unclear. Musk explained that it was not per impression, but rather based on the number of ads shown to other verified users.

The Washington Post reported that initially, it seemed like right-wing influencers were the primary winners of these generous payouts. Many other X users, on the other hand, expressed satisfaction with their earnings, indicating that the return on investment was worth it.

In a recent announcement, Elon Musk decided to lower the eligibility requirements for creator monetization within X Premium. This move aimed to make it easier for more X Premium users to cash out on their tweets. Now, to qualify, users only need 5 million impressions in the last three months, 500 followers, and a minimum payout of $10.

While the exact payment method remains unclear, the prospects of earning significant amounts of money just for tweeting are undoubtedly enticing. As a result, we may have already noticed a surge in prompt tweets and content designed to generate easy replies and quote tweets. This trend, often referred to as “engagement bait” or “rage bait,” has become more common due to the incentive of financial rewards for attracting user attention.

Many X users have already started to take advantage of this opportunity:

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Undoubtedly, X already rewards users who post rage bait content, just like other social media platforms. This means that anger and controversy can now literally translate into dollars, as users can’t help but watch or comment on provocative content. With the recent change in creator monetization, X may become even more of a cesspool for such content than it already was.

Here’s how you can identify potential engagement bait:

  • Blue check account asking an asinine question? It’s likely bait.
  • Blue check account spreading obvious misinformation? Also likely bait.
  • Non-blue check account posting similar content? It might be an X Premium user trying to hide their verified status.

The full implications of this change are yet to be seen. However, if the initial response is any indication, non-paying and non-paid X users may find themselves increasingly frustrated with the platform. It remains to be seen whether the financial benefits for users outweigh the negative influence on the content and overall user experience.

Twitter X Premium is undoubtedly charting new territory in the world of social media monetization. While the allure of earning money through tweets is tempting, it’s important to consider the potential impact on the platform’s content and user interactions. Whether this new direction will be a boon or a burden for X remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: brace yourself for a flood of engagement bait on your X feed.