Early autumn Second best time for job seekers

Early autumn Second best time for job seekers

Autumn: The Perfect Opportunity to Refresh Your Career


Just as the chill of autumn sets in, the recruitment business heats up. With key decision-makers returning from summer holidays, the job boards are suddenly repopulated with exciting new opportunities. This makes September one of the busiest months in recruitment and a strategic time to put your best foot forward with potential new employers. So, why not take advantage of the season and give your career a much-needed refresh?

Giving Your CV a Makeover

A good starting point is to take a look at your CV with fresh eyes. Consider asking for a second or third opinion on your resume to ensure it effectively highlights your skills and experiences. It’s especially important to update your CV if you’ve been with your current employer since before the pandemic.

Recruitment, particularly in the tech industry, has undergone drastic changes in the past two years. Employers have likely adjusted their expectations for candidates in your field. So, take the time to include any recently acquired and relevant skills. Trust us, it can make all the difference in catching the attention of potential employers.

Perfecting Your Corporate Image

In addition to revamping your CV, it’s also a great time to work on your corporate image. Networking is a clever move that can open doors to exciting opportunities. Start by following key employers and senior unit managers in your field on social media. Attend industry events, even if they are in webinar form, and consider joining industry-specific associations. These actions not only demonstrate your motivation and passion but also provide you with a valuable edge on the recruitment ladder.

While you’re at it, do a quick Google search of yourself and review your social media feeds. Ensure that your online presence reflects the professional image you want potential employers to see. Recent research has shown that employers do take a glance at social media profiles when considering candidates. So, it’s worth investing some time in refining your online persona.

Developing Your Game Plan

Now that you’ve updated your CV and enhanced your corporate image, it’s time to strategize. Ask yourself some important questions: Are you actively or passively seeking a new path? How many applications do you want to engage in per month? If approached for a recruitment process, is your heart truly in it?

It’s important to keep your options open but beware of casting your net too wide. Mass-application candidates can make recruiters uneasy. Instead, tailor your approach to each opportunity. It’s about quality over quantity.

The Power of Word-of-Mouth

References and recommendations hold significant weight in the job market. Reach out to your existing referees to let them know you’re actively searching for new opportunities and refresh their memory about why you’re a stellar candidate. If possible, discreetly add new references from your current work life. It’s essential to be aware of what recruiters or corporate HR departments are asking referees these days.

While preparing for interviews, remember that some things never go out of fashion. Thoroughly research the company beforehand as it impresses hiring managers. And don’t forget the importance of polite follow-up after the interview. It shows your professionalism and continued interest in the role.

Explore Exciting Opportunities

Finally, it’s time to put yourself out there by browsing job boards. The autumn season is a fruitful time for job hunters. One platform worth exploring is the House of Talent Job Board. With hundreds of newly added job opportunities, it’s a great place to start your job search.

Here are a few positions that caught our eye: – People Partner at Revolut UK: Join Revolut’s UK team as a People Partner to drive the bank’s people strategy and shape policy. This remote role offers the opportunity to collaborate with the HR team and contribute to an inclusive workplace culture. – Staff Software Engineer at PayFit, Paris: If you’re passionate about driving innovation and building sustainable products, this role at PayFit might be the perfect fit. Lead critical cross-functional initiatives and cultivate a culture of technical excellence. – Senior Data Governance / Data Standard Expert at ZEISS Group, München: Shape the future of data governance and play a crucial role in the digital transformation at ZEISS Group. Break down data silos, improve data integrity, and establish data standardization initiatives.

Refresh your career this autumn and seize the opportunity to explore these exciting job opportunities and many more at the House of Talent Job Board.