Don’t release Apple Watch Ultra 2 this year.

Don't release Apple Watch Ultra 2 this year.

Apple Watch Ultra 2: Do We Really Need an Annual Update?

Apple Watch Ultra Image source: Christine Romero-Chan / ENBLE

It’s that time again – Apple’s fall event is just around the corner, and with it comes the anticipation of new iPhones and Apple Watches. While the iPhone 15 lineup and the Apple Watch Series 9 are almost guaranteed to make an appearance, rumors about the release of the next iteration of the Apple Watch Ultra are still uncertain.

Introduced just last September, the first-generation Apple Watch Ultra has been a major success. With its significant design overhaul, featuring impressive hardware advancements like the Action Button and improved battery life, the Apple Watch Ultra has garnered high praise. As a female tech enthusiast, I can attest to its excellence, having acquired one earlier this year. However, despite my adoration for the device, I don’t believe it needs an annual update, and Apple should consider holding off on the release of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 for a little longer.

What Are the Apple Watch Ultra 2 Rumors?

Apple Watch Ultra 2 mockup Image source: ShrimpApplePro / Twitter

Compared to the buzz surrounding the iPhone 15, rumors surrounding the Apple Watch Ultra 2 have been relatively scarce. However, this doesn’t mean that nothing is happening behind the scenes.

Renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has hinted at the possibility of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 utilizing a 3D printing process for certain titanium mechanical parts. If true, this new manufacturing method could improve production time and reduce costs. There have been no indications of a price increase for the second-generation Apple Watch Ultra, which may be influenced by this innovative manufacturing technique.

Other rumors suggest an upgraded S9 chip, expected to be featured in both the Apple Watch Ultra 2 and the Apple Watch Series 9. Additionally, there may be a new titanium color option: black. Renders showcasing a black titanium Apple Watch Ultra 2, with orange accents (if they remain), have circulated online, evoking a fitting Halloween edition of the watch.

However, apart from these scattered rumors, information about the Apple Watch Ultra 2 has been scarce.

Considerations for a New Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch lineup Image source: Left to right – Andy Boxall / ENBLE: Apple Watch SE 2, Apple Watch Series 8, and Apple Watch Ultra

Let’s critically examine what we know so far – 3D-printed titanium mechanical parts, an upgraded S9 chip, and the possibility of a new colorscheme, likely alongside the existing natural titanium option.

Honestly, if these are the only updates coming to the second-generation Apple Watch Ultra this year, it demonstrates that the Ultra doesn’t require an annual release cycle like the standard Apple Watch Series. Apart from the potentially alluring black titanium, none of these rumored enhancements seem particularly thrilling.

Considering the consumer perspective, will we truly notice a substantial difference between the current titanium mechanical parts and their 3D-printed counterparts? Highly unlikely, although it’s possible that the updated manufacturing process may contribute to a lighter watch. This rumor primarily affects Apple’s production costs, but it’s conceivable that it will help maintain the device’s pricing stability for consumers.

As for the upgraded chip, the S9 is reportedly a special version of the A15 chip found in the iPhone 13 series, suggesting overall improved performance and battery life.

Having recently acquired an Apple Watch Ultra myself, I am thoroughly impressed. Coming from an older Apple Watch Series 5, the Ultra feels remarkably fast. It flawlessly handles any task I throw at it, without any lag. The watch’s responsiveness and snappiness are unparalleled, making it an excellent device for daily use.

Moreover, the battery life is simply astounding. The Ultra’s longevity far exceeds that of the regular Apple Watch, easily lasting well over 24 hours for most users. It eliminates the need for constant battery monitoring, thanks in part to the Optimized Charge Limit feature, which safeguards the overall lifespan of the battery.

Not Everything Requires an Annual Update

Apple Watch Ultra in use Image source: Christine Romero-Chan / ENBLE / ENBLE

Taking all these aspects into account, it seems unnecessary for the Apple Watch Ultra to adhere to an annual update cycle. The potential improvements of the S9 chip likely only offer marginal enhancements, if any, since the current performance of the Ultra is already impressive. When it comes to a device that sits on your wrist, how much power do you truly need?

Furthermore, the Ultra already boasts superior battery life compared to its counterparts. For most individuals, it easily lasts an entire day and longer. Considering these factors, it feels like the Apple Watch Ultra could comfortably be updated every other year, similar to the Apple Watch SE. Annually seems excessive, especially without the addition of new health sensors or significant advancements.

However, the allure of black titanium certainly tempts tech enthusiasts. Aside from this desirable aspect, if the Apple Watch Ultra 2 does make an appearance, it may be worthwhile for potential customers to consider purchasing the first-generation Ultra. It truly stands as an exceptional smartwatch, even without the annual updates.

In conclusion, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 rumors have left much to be desired. While a unique black titanium color and potential performance improvements through the S9 chip remain enticing, the current Apple Watch Ultra already excels in numerous areas. It is a device that would benefit from a less frequent updating schedule, allowing for more significant enhancements in the future. Until then, the first-generation Apple Watch Ultra remains an excellent choice for those seeking a top-tier smartwatch option.