DJI Air 3 review Enhanced zoom for more creativity.

DJI Air 3 review Enhanced zoom for more creativity.

DJI Air 3: A New Era of Drone Photography

DJI, known for its innovative approach and constant drive to push boundaries in the gadget industry, has once again delighted drone enthusiasts with its latest release – the DJI Air 3. This mid-sized camera drone introduces a groundbreaking feature called dual primary cameras, offering pilots an exciting new way to capture cinematic shots. Unlike its predecessor, the Mavic 3, where the telephoto camera was of lower quality, the Air 3’s cameras boast the same impressive specifications as its main camera, opening up new possibilities for creators.

In addition to the dual primary cameras, the DJI Air 3 comes with numerous improvements over its predecessors, the Air 2 and Air 2S. It incorporates DJI’s new O4 transmission system, which greatly enhances the drone’s range, making it ideal for exploring expansive landscapes. Furthermore, the Air 3 now features the Waypoint feature, making its debut in the Air drone series. This allows users to plan flight paths and camera movements in advance, providing consistent and precise results. The battery life has also seen significant improvement, and the drone operates at a considerably quieter sound level.

Redefining Design and Performance

Visually, the Air 3 resembles its larger sibling, the Mavic 3, more than its immediate predecessors. With its sleek and compact foldable design, the Air 3 is perfect for travel, catering to the needs of adventurers and content creators alike. The body of the drone is equipped with omnidirectional sensors, ensuring obstacle detection from all directions. It also incorporates aerodynamic features, borrowing tricks from the Mini 3 Pro, such as larger propellers that reduce noise levels to a near-inaudible 81 decibels when flying at higher altitudes. The improved aerodynamics of the Air 3 not only contribute to its stability during flight but also enable it to handle stronger winds compared to previous models.

The enhanced flight performance can be partly attributed to the battery improvements in the DJI Air 3. The new 4,241 mAh batteries result in a significantly longer flight time of up to 46 minutes, compared to the Air 2S’s 34 minutes. During real-world testing, flight times averaging around 35 minutes were achieved, allowing for a full day of flying with just three fully charged batteries. DJI has also introduced a new charging feature with an updated battery hub, enabling users to transfer power from weaker batteries to the most charged one at the touch of a button. This feature provides users with increased flexibility, particularly in locations without access to charging facilities, albeit at the expense of relatively slow charging speeds.

Unleashing the Power of the Dual Cameras

The Air 3’s dual-camera system is undoubtedly one of its standout features. Sporting 1/1.3-inch sensors, the telephoto camera matches the main camera in terms of specs, setting it apart from the Air 2S, which featured a higher quality 1-inch sensor. The Air 3’s primary camera boasts a 24mm (35mm equivalent) f/1.7 lens, while the telephoto camera provides a 70mm f/2.8 lens. This combination offers users incredible versatility, making it ideal for capturing action-packed hero shots or shooting stunning portraits at weddings and events. Additionally, the identical sensors in both cameras allow for effortless footage matching during editing.

The Air 3’s cameras support dual native ISO, enhancing light sensitivity for improved image quality. They also deliver stunning video capabilities, with 4K 60p in HDR or 4K at up to 100 fps for slow-motion playback. For those seeking even slower frame rates, the Air 3 offers the ability to shoot in 1080p at 200 fps, perfect for creating captivating slow-motion shots. The camera module can be tilted up to 60 degrees and down to 90 degrees, offering flexibility in capturing various angles, and it is the first drone in the Air series to support vertical 9:16 video in 2.7K resolution.

Unleashing Creativity with Innovative Features

The Air 3 is packed with DJI’s signature features, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience. Active Track, Master Shots, Quickshots, and Timelapse are all available on the drone and are compatible with both cameras. Active Track allows users to lock onto and follow subjects, providing reliable tracking in most scenarios. However, it is worth noting that when tracking fast-moving subjects in dense environments, there may be occasional lag or unexpected tracking interruptions.

Quickshots, such as Dronie and Rocket, are even more exciting with the addition of the telephoto camera, adding extra intimacy and drama to the shots. The obstacle detection system ensures safe and worry-free automated flights, minimizing the risk of collisions. DJI has also brought the Waypoint flight mode from the Mavic 3 to the Air series for the first time. This feature enables users to plan flight paths and camera movements in advance, allowing for precise replication of flights for multiple takes or creating captivating Timelapse videos.

The Perfect Companion: RC-2 and RC-N2 Controllers

Alongside the Air 3, DJI has introduced two new controllers, enhancing the user experience even further. The RC-2, DJI’s latest screen controller, strikes the perfect balance between the RC and the RC Pro. With a brighter screen, a more substantial feel, and more precise controls, the RC-2 is an excellent option for those seeking an enhanced piloting experience without breaking the bank. For users who require the full range of features and capabilities, the RC-N2 controller offers an upgraded version of the RC-N1, primarily benefiting from the new O4 transmission system.

The DJI Air 3 is a remarkable addition to the drone market, elevating the possibilities of aerial cinematography. With its dual-primary cameras, enhanced performance, and innovative features, it offers a fantastic balance between the stability of the Mavic 3 Pro and the agility of the Mini 3 Pro. Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker or a passionate adventurer, the DJI Air 3 is undoubtedly a device that will take your creativity to new heights.