Dish Network’s Boost Infinite sells wireless service to Amazon Prime users.

Dish Network's Boost Infinite sells wireless service to Amazon Prime users.

Dish Network and Amazon Join Forces to Offer Boost Infinite Wireless Service

Dish Network and Amazon
Image: Dish Network and Amazon (source: image-source)

Dish Network, the satellite TV provider that has expanded into the world of wireless carriers, has made an exciting announcement. The company has partnered with Amazon to offer its Boost Infinite postpaid service on the online retail giant’s platform. This collaboration is a significant milestone for Dish as it brings its wireless offerings closer to Amazon’s massive customer base.

Traditionally, Amazon has focused on selling prepaid SIM cards from various carriers such as Boost Mobile, Cricket, Google Fi Wireless, and Mint Mobile. However, the e-commerce giant has refrained from selling postpaid wireless plans, which are the more common option in the US. Postpaid plans are when users pay their bills at the end of the month and are the main types of service offered by major carriers like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile.

With this new deal, Dish will sell SIM card kits for its Boost Infinite service to Amazon Prime users. The SIM card kit contains a SIM card and a QR code to activate the service. The kits are available for $25, but the offer includes a $25 credit to Boost Infinite if activated within 30 days of purchase. Boost Infinite, Dish’s response to traditional wireless service, normally costs $25 per month and offers unlimited talk, text, and data, with 30GB of high-speed data.

Dish’s acquisition of prepaid carrier Boost Mobile from T-Mobile in 2020 laid the foundation for its entry into the wireless market. The company has spent years and billions of dollars acquiring wireless spectrum and is currently building out its own 5G network. However, Dish has also secured agreements with AT&T and T-Mobile to utilize their networks over the next few years, ensuring a seamless transition for its customers.

While Dish has not disclosed which network its new Boost Infinite users will be connected to through Amazon, the company states that its service provides access to “superfast 5G on one of America’s top networks.” This ambiguity creates some speculation, but it doesn’t detract from the appeal of the service.

Interestingly, this Amazon offering is exclusively available to Amazon Prime users, which allows Dish to automatically prequalify purchasers. Dish ensures that the $25 price is “locked-in” and will not increase over time, with no activation fees or hidden charges, apart from state and federal taxes/surcharges.

Boost Infinite allows customers to have up to five lines per account, all at the $25 per month rate. However, additional lines should be added through the Boost app or by contacting customer support, rather than buying more SIM kits from Amazon.

In terms of device compatibility, Dish emphasizes that Boost Infinite works with most phones made over the past five years, including popular models like the iPhone XR, Galaxy S20 line, Pixel 5, Samsung’s Z Flip, and Z Fold lines. The carrier also supports eSIM, which is required for the iPhone 14 line, as these devices lack a physical SIM card slot.

However, it’s important to note that only a few devices currently support Dish’s new 5G network, including some recently released phones like the iPhone 14 line. Activation of 5G support for these devices is expected to follow shortly.

This strategic collaboration between Dish Network and Amazon opens up new possibilities in the wireless landscape. Dish’s Boost Infinite service, combined with Amazon’s massive reach and customer base, will undoubtedly create additional competition and innovation in the industry. It will be interesting to see how this partnership unfolds and how it influences the wireless market in the coming years.

In conclusion, Dish Network’s announcement of partnering with Amazon to offer Boost Infinite wireless service is a significant step forward for both companies. This joint venture brings Dish closer to Amazon’s extensive customer base, while Amazon expands its portfolio of wireless offerings. This collaboration has the potential to shake up the wireless market and provide consumers with more choices and competitive pricing. With Dish’s ambitions in building its 5G network and Amazon’s vast online platform, the future of Boost Infinite looks promising.