Dish Network’s Boost Infinite now available on Amazon Prime.

Dish Network's Boost Infinite now available on Amazon Prime.

Dish Network Teams Up with Amazon to Sell Boost Infinite Service

Dish Network, the satellite TV provider turned wireless carrier, has announced a new partnership with Amazon. Under this agreement, Dish will offer its Boost Infinite postpaid service on Amazon’s online store. This move reflects Dish’s ambition to get closer to the e-commerce giant and tap into its vast customer base.

Previously, Amazon sold prepaid SIM cards from various carriers, including Boost Mobile, Cricket, Google Fi Wireless, and Mint Mobile. However, the company had steered clear of selling traditional postpaid wireless plans. Boost Infinite, Dish’s answer to AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, provides unlimited talk, text, and data (with 30GB of high-speed data) for $25 per month.

The Boost Infinite SIM card kits are available on Amazon for $25, and they come with a $25 credit to activate the service within 30 days of ordering. This deal is specifically targeted at Prime users, adding further value for Amazon’s loyal customers. Dish emphasizes that the $25 price is “locked-in” and won’t increase, with no activation fees or hidden charges apart from state and federal taxes/surcharges.

Boost Infinite allows up to five lines per account, all at the $25 per month rate. However, customers who wish to add more lines are advised to do so through the company’s app or by contacting Boost’s customer support, rather than purchasing additional SIM kits from Amazon.

In terms of device compatibility, Dish’s Boost Infinite service works with most phones made in the last five years, including popular models like the iPhone XR, Samsung Galaxy S20 line, Pixel 5, Samsung’s Z Flip, and Z Fold lines. It’s important to note that while Dish is in the process of building its own 5G network, few devices on the market currently support it. Even devices such as the recently released iPhone 14, which are compatible with Dish’s 5G network, have yet to have the support activated.

Dish is purposefully vague about the network provider for its Boost Infinite service on Amazon, only stating that it offers access to “superfast 5G on one of America’s top networks.” However, Dish has existing partnerships with AT&T and T-Mobile, allowing it to utilize their networks while building out its own 5G infrastructure. This partnership model ensures that customers can benefit from reliable coverage and high-speed connectivity.

The collaboration between Dish and Amazon represents a strategic move by Dish to expand its customer reach and leverage Amazon’s robust online platform. By making Boost Infinite available on Amazon, Dish has the opportunity to attract new customers who prefer shopping on the e-commerce site. Additionally, the partnership with Amazon further solidifies Dish’s position as a competitive player in the wireless market.

While Dish’s Boost Infinite service is available on its own website as well, the addition of Amazon as a sales platform opens doors to a wider customer base. Dish’s decision to team up with Amazon demonstrates the company’s adaptability and willingness to explore new distribution channels in order to stay ahead in the competitive wireless industry.

In conclusion, Dish Network’s collaboration with Amazon to sell its Boost Infinite postpaid service not only demonstrates Dish’s ambition to expand its customer base but also showcases its flexibility in partnering with leading e-commerce platforms. This move allows Dish to offer its competitively priced wireless service, Boost Infinite, to Amazon’s Prime users while leveraging Amazon’s extensive online reach. Customers can now conveniently purchase Boost Infinite SIM card kits on Amazon, benefiting from the locked-in $25 per month rate. Dish’s emphasis on providing access to 5G technology and its network partnerships further enhance its position in the wireless market. With this partnership, Dish Network is solidifying its presence in the industry and taking a step closer to Amazon’s influential customer base.