Devialet’s $450 Gemini II earbuds have a better fit and a smaller charging case.

Devialet's $450 Gemini II earbuds have a better fit and a smaller charging case.

Devialet Gemini II: The Ultimate Upgrade for Luxury Audio

Last year, Devialet, the French luxury audio company, made waves in the market with the launch of its first pair of earbuds, Gemini. While it boasted some impressive features, including sleek design, exceptional sound quality, and noise cancellation, it also had its fair share of quirks that left reviewers less than satisfied. But fear not, audio enthusiasts, because Devialet is back with its second-generation edition, Gemini II, addressing all the pain points and delivering an even more refined user experience.

A Sleeker Design and Enhanced Features

One of the most noticeable changes in Gemini II is the charging case. No longer awkward and bulky, the new case adopts a pocket-friendly lozenge design, making it easier to carry and store. It’s a refreshing departure from its predecessor and brings it in line with the compact profile of other leading TWS earbuds in the market. Inside the case, Devialet has introduced a custom driver and a new Active Wind Reduction mode, ensuring superior sound quality by effectively filtering out unwanted noise. Additionally, the company has meticulously redesigned the earbuds themselves, making them smaller and more comfortable to fit any ear.

Quality-of-Life Improvements

Devialet hasn’t just focused on addressing previous issues; they’ve also incorporated several quality-of-life improvements in the Gemini II. The inclusion of wireless charging and Bluetooth 5.2 ensures seamless connectivity and convenience. Although there have been some spec-drops compared to the previous model, with battery life reduced from 24 hours to 22 hours and per-charge life decreasing from six hours to five, the overall performance and user experience are still top-notch.

The Devialet Touch: Exquisite Luxury

As expected from Devialet, the Gemini II maintains the brand’s reputation for luxury and style. The standard version is available in classic black or white, each priced at $450. However, for those who truly want to make a statement, there is also the Opéra de Paris edition. This exclusive version features a stunning 24-carat PVD gold plating on both the case and earbuds, elevating its elegance and sophistication. Priced at $650, this edition is a testament to Devialet’s commitment to providing the utmost in refinement and class.

From improved design and enhanced features to the touch of opulence offered by the Opéra de Paris edition, the Devialet Gemini II is a worthy successor to its predecessor. Devialet has listened to user feedback and made the necessary adjustments, resulting in an earbud that not only meets high audio standards but also addresses previous drawbacks. So, if you’re seeking the perfect blend of exceptional sound quality, comfort, and luxury, look no further than the Devialet Gemini II. It’s a statement of refined taste and a companion for the most discerning audio enthusiasts.