Debit card funds scientific research while you spend

Debit card funds scientific research while you spend

Science Card: Accelerating Scientific Research with a Debit Card

Science Card

Are you tired of your everyday spending having no impact on the world? Well, get ready to witness a groundbreaking innovation that combines finance and scientific research. The UK’s first bank account dedicated to accelerating science and technology, called Science Card, is set to launch next month. Created by Daniel Baeriswyl, a passionate entrepreneur and former PhD student in biomedical engineering at UCL, Science Card aims to bridge the gap between the powerful financial sector and underfunded research projects by offering a unique debit card experience.

Baeriswyl’s journey towards founding Science Card began during his PhD, where he gained an appreciation for the importance of life-saving scientific research. However, he also recognized the significant funding challenges faced by these crucial projects. “I found it interesting that the investment side is so heavy on financial services, but by comparison, life-changing innovation is very underfunded,” Baeriswyl noted. He brings a wealth of experience to the Science Card venture, having co-founded machine learning platform Marget Carpet AI, which was acquired by last year.

The concept behind Science Card is refreshingly simple yet powerful. While it functions as a regular Mastercard debit card, it also offers users the opportunity to explore and contribute towards a wide range of UK university-led scientific research projects through their everyday spending. Customers can seamlessly integrate philanthropy into their daily lives, knowing that they are supporting projects in areas like climate change, healthcare, and computing.

One of the standout features of Science Card is the ability for users to contribute small increments of money towards their chosen research projects. This can be done by rounding up their purchase amounts to the nearest pound, with support for dollars and euros coming soon. Additionally, users have the option to directly transfer money to the specific research lab of their choice, giving them a sense of involvement in the scientific community.

A dedicated app accompanies the Science Card, allowing users to track the progress of their selected research projects and stay informed about their funding targets. The app also provides insightful reports on how these projects are advancing, ensuring transparency and accountability. Upon reaching their funding targets, the allocated funds are directed straight to the research under the university’s guidance.

Science Card aims to revolutionize the way science is funded by creating a bridge between innovation, research and development, and the financial sector. Baeriswyl envisions a future where money can flow more efficiently, accelerating scientific discoveries that have the potential to change the world. This ambition is particularly relevant given the UK’s relatively low investment in research and development, with the country only spending around 2.7% of its GDP in comparison to countries like Germany, South Korea, or the US.

To make its services accessible to as many individuals as possible, Science Card offers two types of accounts. The first is a free standard account, which includes a Mastercard debit card and a banking app with all the expected features. The second option, the fusion account, costs £19.90 per month and offers additional benefits such as the opportunity to connect with the research community through the app, attend online events, and even become a grant sponsor. This elevated tier ensures that users can fully engage with the science and research ecosystem, fostering a sense of community and purpose.

Science Research

Science Card aims to create a consistent flow of private capital to empower researchers and support them in their groundbreaking work. By amalgamating the financial sector and scientific research, Science Card is pushing the boundaries of innovation while providing the general public with a channel to make a tangible impact on the world. With Science Card, you can contribute to projects that align with your values and passions, knowing that your everyday spending can bring about scientific discoveries and positive change.

Join the Science Card revolution and be part of a brighter future where the financial sector and scientific research go hand in hand. Together, we can propel scientific discoveries forward and shape a world that values and invests in the transformative power of innovation.

Stay tuned for the launch of Science Card next month and unleash the potential of your everyday spending!

For more information, visit the Science Card website and sign up for updates.