Corsair’s standing desk may convince me to buy one.

Corsair's standing desk may convince me to buy one.

Corsair Platform:6 – The Ultimate Modular Desk for Gamers and Creatives


Corsair has just unveiled a game-changer for computer enthusiasts during Gamescom 2023 – the Corsair Platform:6. Now, I know what you’re thinking – desks aren’t usually the most thrilling part of owning a computer. But trust me, this one defies the odds and has definitely caught my attention. The Platform:6 is a modular desk designed to meet the needs of hardcore gamers and creatives alike, offering adjustable height, plenty of space, and a range of accessories for further customization.

At first glance, the Platform:6 may appear to be just another standing desk with motorized adjustable height, but it’s the innovative modular rail system that sets it apart. This system allows every user, from remote workers to streamers, to build a desk that perfectly suits their specific needs. Corsair is even offering an online configurator where customers can pick and choose the accessories they want. Additionally, Corsair is preparing bundles such as a “Creator Edition” of the desk to cater to different user preferences.


While the exact details of what comes with the desk and what are optional accessories are still unclear, there are some confirmed features. The desk itself includes a cable management tray to keep your workspace tidy, USB Type-A and Type-C charging ports, and dual monitor arms. Furthermore, you have the option to make the desk even wider by adding dual extensions on each side, although with its initial 6-feet width, there seems to be ample room already.

Speaking of accessories, Corsair is introducing several optional hanging pegboards designed for game controllers, headphones, or streaming gear. In addition, they will support multi-mount accessories specifically useful for streamers, such as attachments for cameras, microphones, or ring lights. With the Platform:6, storage and extensions become a breeze, making it an ideal choice for those who struggle to maintain a clean and organized workspace, despite their best efforts.

What sets the Platform:6 apart from other desks on the market is its compatibility with both Corsair gear and aftermarket options. The modular rail system and top-mounted pegboard enable users to mix and match between Corsair products and third-party add-ons. For those with a knack for customization, the desk also supports 3D printing, allowing you to personalize it even further.

Now, I know what you’re probably wondering – how much will this innovative desk cost? While the exact pricing is still unknown, it’s safe to assume that the Corsair Platform:6 won’t come cheap. However, the wait won’t be long, as Corsair plans to launch this product in the fourth quarter of 2023. So, stay tuned for more updates and get ready to level up your workspace with the Corsair Platform:6.

In conclusion, Corsair’s Platform:6 is revolutionizing the world of desks with its modular design and range of customizable options. Whether you’re a gamer, a creative professional, or simply someone who craves an organized workspace, this desk promises to meet and exceed your expectations. So why settle for an ordinary workstation when you can have the Corsair Platform:6 – a desk that adapts to your needs and unleashes your full potential?