Corsair K70 Max Gaming Keyboard has a magnetic personality for easy adjustment.

Corsair K70 Max Gaming Keyboard has a magnetic personality for easy adjustment.

Corsair K70 Max: The Keyboard That Offers Customization at a Price

Corsair K70 Max

Corsair’s latest addition to its K70 series of gaming keyboards, the K70 Max, delivers a lot for its high price if you’re willing to take advantage of the customization it offers. Priced at $230, £249, or roughly AU$485, this top-of-the-line model comes with magnetic-mechanical MGX switches, offering a unique typing experience.

The magnetic actuation technology in the MGX switches allows for manually defining actuation points (ranging from 0.4-3.6mm) and reset points. This enables gamers to perform quick combos and execute precise moves with ease. However, the feel of the keys can be idiosyncratic compared to traditional mechanical and optical switches due to the combination of the magnetic actuator, soft landing, and full 4mm travel. It’s like jumping from a plane and landing on a steel core wrapped in a layer of air inside a marshmallow. It’s an acquired taste that may take some getting used to.

But the uniqueness of the MGX switches comes with its advantages. The customizable actuation and reset points allow users to find the perfect balance between speed and accuracy. For instance, you can set a specific actuation point for your spacebar to avoid accidental keystrokes in hidden fields like passwords. It may require some trial and error, but once you find the right settings, you’ll appreciate the granular control it provides.

The K70 Max lacks dedicated macro keys, which may disappoint some users. However, the ability to add granular settings to profiles and load them into the keyboard’s memory is a positive aspect. Additionally, the keyboard features a tournament mode switch that allows for quick resets to default settings. Corsair also plans to release a firmware update at the end of August, introducing Rapid Trigger mode, which effectively resets the switch immediately upon release.

Corsair K70 Max

While the K70 Max offers compatibility with consoles, Mac, and Windows systems, the accompanying iCue software is a version behind on Mac and is incompatible with consoles. Therefore, customizing the keyboard’s settings may be limited if you don’t have a Windows system. Furthermore, to take full advantage of the K70 Max’s impressive 8,000 Hz polling rate, iCue is required.

In terms of design, the K70 Max shares similarities with its predecessor, the K70 Pro. It is sturdy and heavy, thanks to its metal construction. The keyboard features multiple channels to thread the braided cable through. The comfortable magnetic wrist rest adds a nice touch, while the bright, shine-through per-key RGB lighting and textured PBT keycaps enhance the overall aesthetic appeal.

However, the spacebar’s sound is a point of contention. While stable with three points of attachment, it produces a hollow and high-pitched sound that may become bothersome during intense typing sessions. This issue can be mitigated by using a headset, but for those who prefer quieter keyboards, it may be a drawback.

Considering its price and unique features, the Corsair K70 Max may not have broad appeal. Gamers who value speed and consistency may find optical switches like the Corsair OPX versions in the more affordable K70 Pro more suited to their needs. However, if you require a keyboard with a custom feel for every occasion, the K70 Max offers the flexibility and control to enhance your gaming or work experience.

Pros: – Customizable switch response and feel – Fast – Relatively quiet for a mechanical keyboard

Cons: – No dedicated macro keys – Customizations occasionally don’t “stick” – Spacebar sounds hollow and high-pitched