Consider waiting until 2023 for the iPad.

Consider waiting until 2023 for the iPad.

Hold off on Buying an iPad Until 2024: Exciting Updates on the Horizon

Apple’s iPad lineup has yet to see any new additions in 2023, but rumors suggest that 2024 will bring a wave of exciting updates. According to Bloomberg’s Apple reporter Mark Gurman, a new line of iPad Pro models is expected to launch in 2024, featuring a wider range of improvements than we have seen in years.

What to Expect in 2023: Entry-Level and Midrange Upgrades

If you’ve been eyeing the current iPad Pro models, you may want to hold off on splurging. With a starting price of $800 and additional costs for accessories, it’s a significant investment. However, if you’re looking for a more affordable option, this fall might be the right time for you. Apple is expected to introduce minor upgrades to the entry-level iPad lineup, potentially releasing an improved M2 processor and better front camera placement for video chats, similar to what we saw with the 10th-gen iPad last year.

2024 iPad Pro: OLED Display, M3 Chip, and New Keyboard

Looking ahead to 2024, Gurman’s report suggests that the upcoming iPad Pro models will feature OLED displays instead of the current Mini LED technology. This shift to OLED, already seen in Samsung tablets and Apple’s iPhones, will deliver improved contrast ratios, HDR, and more dynamic colors. Additionally, the new models will likely be powered by Apple’s expected M3 processor, providing even better performance.

Another anticipated change is to Apple’s Magic Keyboard accessory, which may adopt a design reminiscent of a regular laptop, including a larger trackpad. While these upgrades may not be groundbreaking, they will undoubtedly be welcomed by iPad Pro users.

iPadOS Evolution: Is a Mac-iPad Hybrid on the Horizon?

Apple’s software, specifically iPadOS, has been inching closer to macOS in terms of functionality, despite the two operating systems remaining separate entities. There is a possibility that iPadOS could evolve further, positioning the iPad Pro lineup as a more Mac-like device. However, this would require software changes rather than hardware improvements. Nevertheless, if you’re eager to experience the future of Apple iPads, 2024 seems to be the year to look forward to.

The Current iPad Dilemma: No Perfect Option

Currently, there isn’t an iPad model that ticks all the boxes. The most affordable option lacks modern features, such as a Lightning port instead of USB-C and an older processor. The 10th-gen iPad comes close but is more expensive and still uses the older first-gen Pencil. The iPad Air and Pro models miss out on the improved front camera placement found in the 10th-gen iPad, an essential feature for landscape mode usage during video chats.

While Apple may address these issues with their entry-to-midrange lineup this fall, for those who desire a truly “new” iPad experience, 2024 may be the year to wait for.

The Decision: To Wait or To Buy?

It’s always challenging to exercise patience, especially when it comes to technology. However, if you’re holding out for a genuinely innovative iPad, it seems that 2024 will be the year of significant updates. But if budget shopping is your priority, the current lineup may still meet your needs.

Remember, the choice is ultimately yours. Whether you decide to wait for tantalizing improvements or opt for a more affordable option, both choices have their merits. Ultimately, Apple’s iPad lineup promises an exciting future for all types of users.