Comparison Apple Watch Ultra vs. Garmin Enduro 2

Comparison Apple Watch Ultra vs. Garmin Enduro 2

Apple Watch Ultra vs. Garmin Enduro 2: A Battle of the Titans

Apple Watch Ultra vs Garmin Enduro 2

It’s a showdown of epic proportions. Apple, known for its sleek and innovative products, has finally released the Apple Watch Ultra, designed specifically for endurance athletes. Meanwhile, Garmin, a brand synonymous with reliable GPS sports watches, has unleashed the Enduro 2. Both watches offer compelling features and impressive specifications, making it difficult to choose between them. As a seasoned reviewer, having tested watches from both companies in the past, I am excited to delve into the key differences and help you make an informed decision. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!


Garmin Enduro 2 Apple Watch Ultra
Display 1.4-inch 280×280-pixel, sunlight-visible, transflective memory-in-pixel with Power Sapphire lens 49mm 410×502 LTPO OLED sapphire glass touchscreen
Materials Fiber-reinforced polymer case material with titanium bezel and rear cover Titanium casing and three band options
Storage 32GB internal storage 32GB internal storage
Water resistance 10 ATM (100 meters) 100 meters
Connectivity WiFi, Bluetooth, ANT+, multi-band and dual frequency GNSS LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth, ANT+, multi-band and dual frequency GNSS
Sensors Optical HR, barometer, compass, altimeter, Pulse Ox Optical HR, barometer, compass, altimeter, Pulse Ox, skin temperature, water temperature, depth gauge
Battery Up to 46 days with solar charging, up to 150 hours GPS with solar Up to 36 hours
Dimensions 51 x 51 x 15.6mm and 70 grams 49 x 44 x 14.4mm and 61.3 grams
Price $1,099 $799

Enough with the technical jargon, let’s break down the reasons you might lean towards one of these wearables.

You should buy the Garmin Enduro 2 if…

1. Extremely long battery life is vital

Battery life is a critical factor for endurance athletes who often embark on long workouts or adventures. The Garmin Enduro 2 boasts the longest battery life among any Garmin watch. Thanks to its Power Sapphire glass display that converts solar energy into battery charging, the Enduro 2 can last up to 34 days in smartwatch mode, 110 hours with GPS, 78 hours with all satellite systems, and 20 hours in GPS mode while playing music. These impressive numbers exclude the additional battery life gained from passive solar charging. In comparison, the Apple Watch Ultra, with its improved battery life, can only last up to 36 hours. Although Apple’s claims highlight significant progress, real-world usage scenarios may reveal further nuances.

2. Extensive customizable data fields are needed

Garmin is renowned for its comprehensive support of customizable data fields across all sports. Apple has made improvements with WatchOS, introducing new options for data fields like running power. However, Garmin offers users the ability to tailor their watch by including specific fitness metrics. Moreover, with access to third-party data fields through the Garmin Connect store, athletes can expand the range of available options, paving the way for a personalized workout experience.

3. Mapping on the watch is desired

For outdoor enthusiasts, one of the most compelling features of the Garmin Enduro 2 is its extensive topographic map support, including the NextFork feature. This feature assists in trail navigation during your outdoor adventures. The Enduro 2’s large display and combination of touchscreen and buttons make it practical for direct on-wrist mapping. Whether you are an avid hiker or a mountain biker, the Enduro 2 has you covered.

Garmin Enduro 2

Buy Garmin Enduro 2: Price at Amazon – $1,094.95

You should buy the Apple Watch Ultra if…

1. Connectivity and safety are your priority

If you are an iPhone user who values connectivity and safety, the Apple Watch Ultra might be the perfect fit for you. With built-in cellular support, the Ultra takes connectivity to the next level. It enables features like crash detection, fall detection, and emergency SOS, ensuring you can stay connected and seek help when needed. Additionally, the Apple Watch Ultra provides an 86-decibel siren to attract attention if you find yourself in trouble.

2. Smartwatch functions are vital

The Apple Watch Ultra, being part of the Apple Watch family, stays true to its core smartwatch functionality. With seamless connectivity to the Apple iPhone and access to a vast range of third-party apps, the Ultra offers a versatile and dynamic smartwatch experience. All the features you love about the Apple Watch, including health and wellness tracking features, are present in the Ultra’s larger package.

3. You scuba dive

Apple has surprisingly catered to the niche market of scuba diving with the Apple Watch Ultra. Teaming up with the Oceanic Plus app, the Ultra serves as a full-featured dive computer. It provides essential features like air status and ascent/descent tracking in a user-friendly format. The Ultra’s rugged design, equipped with tactile buttons and the new Ocean Band, ensures it can withstand the aquatic environment.

Apple Watch Ultra

Buy the Apple Watch Ultra: Price at Apple Store – $799

Alternatives to consider

If neither the Garmin Enduro 2 nor the Apple Watch Ultra meets your needs, don’t fret. There are other GPS sports watches and smartwatches that warrant consideration. Here are a few ENBLE-recommended devices that might catch your eye:

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Garmin Epix (2nd generation) Coros Vertix 2
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Garmin Epix (2nd generation) Coros Vertix 2
Price at Samsung – $399.99 Price at Amazon – $859.95 Price at Coros – $699

Whether you choose the Garmin Enduro 2, Apple Watch Ultra, or explore other options, rest assured that both watches offer compelling features and impressive performance. It’s now up to you to decide based on your specific needs and preferences. Happy shopping!

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