Chrome is making a key change for phishing protection.

Chrome is making a key change for phishing protection.

Google Chrome’s Enhanced Safe Browsing Feature: Protecting Users from Phishing Attacks


Phishing attacks have caused significant damage, leading to countless virus infections and monetary losses from scams. Google is now taking a powerful step in combating phishing through its Chrome browser. As part of Chrome’s recent 15th-anniversary update, Google will be introducing its Enhanced Safe Browsing feature to all users in the coming weeks.

In the past, Enhanced Safe Browsing was an optional feature that users could manually enable in Chrome’s settings. However, it will now transition to becoming the default way to protect against phishing attacks while using the browser. This update is part of Google’s decision to discontinue its old phishing protection feature called Safe Browsing. The non-enhanced version of Safe Browsing stored a list of malicious websites locally on the user’s computer and checked visited sites against it. The limitation of this approach was that it couldn’t identify phishing websites that emerged after Safe Browsing was last updated.

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Google acknowledges this issue and aims to overcome it with Enhanced Safe Browsing. By checking website URLs against a real-time list of malicious sites stored on Google’s cloud servers, the browser can block potentially harmful websites and display a warning to users. This dynamic approach significantly reduces the chances of falling victim to phishing attempts. Google expects Enhanced Safe Browsing to provide 25% improved protection against malware and phishing threats.

One concern with Enhanced Safe Browsing is the potential privacy trade-off. As the feature utilizes a database stored on Google’s servers instead of locally, every URL visited by users is sent to Google for checking. Additionally, a small sample of pages is transferred to Google to detect new threats. However, Google assures users that the data submitted through Enhanced Safe Browsing will solely be used for phishing protection and not for advertising or any other purposes.

Google plans to transition all users to Enhanced Safe Browsing in the upcoming weeks, reinforcing their commitment to proactively address vulnerabilities. By adopting this approach, users can rely on an up-to-date protection system, reducing the number of undetected phishing attempts.

Google Chrome’s Enhanced Safe Browsing is a powerful addition to the browser’s security features. It not only offers improved protection against phishing attacks but also showcases Google’s dedication to enhancing user safety. As technology evolves, it is crucial for companies to prioritize security measures, and Google’s move towards Enhanced Safe Browsing is commendable. So, get ready to surf the web with increased peace of mind as Google Chrome leads the battle against phishing attacks.