Canon Pixma G4270 review durable home office printer | ENBLE

Canon Pixma G4270 review durable home office printer | ENBLE

Canon Pixma G4270 MegaTank: A Feature-Rich Printer for Home Office Use

Canon Pixma G4270

Canon’s Pixma G4270 MegaTank inkjet printer is a versatile and affordable all-in-one option, perfect for home office use. Designed to handle heavy workloads, this printer offers excellent value for the money. In this article, we will delve into the details of the Canon Pixma G4270 and explore its design, printing performance, special features, software compatibility, and long-term value.


The Canon Pixma G4270 features an elegant all-black design with sleek curved edges. Its bottom half is adorned with a subtle dot pattern that adds a touch of sophistication. The printer’s aesthetic blends seamlessly with other office equipment, making it a stylish addition to any workspace. The front panel boasts clearly labeled buttons with white labels, ensuring easy navigation even in dimly lit environments. The inclusion of color-coded buttons adds an extra level of convenience. With its compact dimensions of 16-by-22 inches and a height of 10.25 inches, the Canon Pixma G4270 is a space-saving all-in-one.

Printing Performance

When it comes to printing speed, the Canon Pixma G4270 outperforms most entry-level home office printers. With an average of 11 pages per minute for black-and-white documents and six pages per minute for color documents, this printer offers a snappy experience. Print quality is crisp and reliable for both text and color documents. However, when it comes to photographic prints, there is a slight warm tint present. While adjusting settings may not eliminate this entirely, the Canon Pixma G4270 performs well for borderless photos and documents with images.

Special Features

In addition to its printing capabilities, the Pixma G4270 includes a fax feature. Although I didn’t have a physical phone line to test this functionality explicitly, Canon’s extensive expertise in fax machine manufacturing ensures that this feature should work efficiently. However, I did experience some issues with the copy feature. The automatic document feeder (ADF) kept stopping after only 10 pages, despite its 35-sheet capacity. Additionally, borderless copies frequently left a quarter-inch margin, regardless of selected settings. Nonetheless, the copying function proved adequate for most regular documents and color copies on glossy photo paper.

Software and Compatibility

Setting up the Canon Pixma G4270 is a breeze with the Canon Print app. While the instruction manual advises squeezing the ink bottles, I found this step unnecessary as the ink naturally drained into the tanks due to gravity. The printer comes with four bottles of ink (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black), ensuring a full-color printing experience. The estimated page yield is impressive, with 6,000 black-and-white pages and 7,700 color pages from a single set of ink bottles. This longevity, along with the printer’s low-cost ink supplies and reduced waste, makes the Pixma G4270 a cost-effective choice.

Good Long-Term Value

The Canon Pixma G4270 all-in-one printer combines an affordable entry cost with excellent long-term value. With its compact size and a comprehensive set of features (print, scan, copy, and fax), this printer offers a versatile solution for your home office needs. Individual ink bottles can be ordered separately, allowing for personalized replacement according to your ink consumption. Even if you need a complete set of ink bottles, the cost is only $13 per color and $18 for black. With ink costs reduced to three-tenths of a cent for black-and-white pages and half a cent per color page, you no longer need to worry about excessive ink expenses.

Is the Pixma G4270 Right for You?

Designed for heavy-duty printing, boasting a duty cycle of 3,000 pages per month, the Canon Pixma G4270 is a reliable workhorse for your home office. While it may not be the fastest printer in its class, it still delivers faster print speeds than most low-cost tank printers. Additionally, its scanning functionality is dependable and produces high-quality results. Although there may be some bothersome issues such as color tints in photo prints and inconsistencies with copying, overall, the Canon Pixma G4270 is a high-value choice for those seeking an all-in-one printer that packs versatility into a compact design.