Canon MF275dw fast budget all-in-one | ENBLE

Canon MF275dw fast budget all-in-one | ENBLE

Canon imageClass MF275dw: A Budget-Friendly All-In-One Printer with Surprising Speed

Canon imageClass MF275dw The Canon imageClass MF275dw is tall but has a small footprint. (Alan Truly / ENBLE)

If you’re in the market for a top-rated all-in-one printer and have chosen a monochrome laser printer, you’re clearly looking to optimize productivity. You want a printer that offers a low cost per page, ease of use, good print speed, and great quality, all without breaking the bank. And that’s where the Canon imageClass MF275dw comes in.

Design: Stylish and User-Friendly

The Canon imageClass MF275dw is a sleek and modern-looking office printer in classic black. With its rounded corners and satiny sheen, it adds a touch of elegance to any workspace. The printer features a six-line monochrome 3.5-inch touchscreen, a number pad for fax use, and clearly marked buttons for easy operation.

Despite its initial appearance of being big at 14.4 inches in height, the imageClass MF275dw actually has a small footprint, measuring just 15.4 by 14.6 inches. It weighs only 24.7 pounds, making it easy to set up and move around. The design includes a convenient energy-saver button that lights up when the printer goes to sleep, and a paper tray and output bin located on the front for easy access.

Printing Performance: Speedy and Reliable

Canon’s imageClass MF275dw Canon’s imageClass MF275dw has quick and efficient duplex printing. (Photo by Tracey Truly)

One of the standout features of the imageClass MF275dw is its impressive speed. Laser printers are generally faster than inkjets, but this printer takes it to the next level. It can print up to 30 pages per minute, which is equivalent to a mere two seconds per page. It’s almost as if the page appears out of thin air, ready to be picked up.

The imageClass MF275dw is not just fast, but it also delivers excellent text quality. Even at default settings, the prints are crisp and clear, making it a great choice for both documents and labels. Additionally, it can handle various paper and envelope sizes, as well as heavier weight paper such as 65-pound bond, commonly used for covers.

While the printer excels in producing high-quality black-and-white prints, its performance in printing black-and-white photos is slightly limited. The pictures tend to appear grainy, but this can be improved by making adjustments in the printer’s menu options, such as setting it to high-quality and adjusting the density for dark images.

Special Features: Intuitive and Efficient

Canon’s imageClass MF275dw Canon’s imageClass MF275dw has a large touchscreen and adjustable control panel. (Alan Truly / ENBLE)

The imageClass MF275dw is not just a printer but also an all-in-one device with fax capabilities. It offers quick and intuitive operation through its large touchscreen, computer interface, or mobile app. The setup process is hassle-free, and once connected to Wi-Fi, all devices can easily recognize the printer.

The flatbed scanner of the imageClass MF275dw is reminiscent of a professional office copier, with robust hinges that move smoothly and silently. The document feeder and printer are designed to handle two-sided documents with ease, making copying and scanning a breeze.

While the fax feature couldn’t be tested during this review, it’s worth noting that there is an alternative option available. If faxing isn’t a necessity, opting for the imageClass MF273dw offers a slightly smaller display and saves $10.

Software and Compatibility: Seamless Connectivity

The Canon Print mobile app The Canon Print mobile app includes a smartphone document scan feature. (ENBLE)

The imageClass MF275dw is compatible with the Canon Print app, available for both iOS and Android devices. This app enables wireless printing and scanning directly from your mobile device. With the app, you can also use the smartphone copy feature, which allows you to capture a document, correct its perspective, and print it without needing to visit the printer. It’s a convenient addition that saves time and effort.

For desktop compatibility, installing Canon’s drivers and optional utilities makes printing and scanning from Windows and macOS devices a breeze. The printer also includes a USB port for direct connection, enabling printer sharing in Windows to access the imageClass MF275dw from other devices on the network.

Value: Affordable and Low Running Costs

The imageClass MF275dw’s toner The imageClass MF275dw’s toner is easily accessible and lasts a long time. (Alan Truly / ENBLE)

Priced at just $210, the Canon imageClass MF275dw offers incredible value for a budget-friendly all-in-one printer. It’s not only affordable upfront, but it also boasts low running costs, thanks to its black-and-white laser printing technology. The printer comes with a starter toner cartridge that can print up to 700 pages. When it’s time for a replacement, the standard cartridge provides 1,200 pages for $51, while the high-capacity cartridge lasts for up to 2,500 pages and costs $84. With toner costs ranging from $0.03 to $0.04 per page, the imageClass MF275dw ensures ongoing value for your printing needs.

Is the Canon imageClass MF275dw for You?

The Canon imageClass MF275dw printer is an excellent choice if you’re working from home or have a small office. Its performance is more than satisfactory, making it an efficient tool to simplify your workload. However, it’s important to note that if you require color printing, an inkjet or color laser printer may be more suitable. For those focused on producing high-quality black-and-white documents, labels, and even photos, the imageClass MF275dw delivers exceptional results. With its user-friendly design, intuitive features, seamless connectivity options, and affordable price tag, this printer is highly recommended for anyone in need of a low-cost all-in-one printer with the added convenience of a built-in fax feature.