Best streaming services for watching NFL games tonight

Best streaming services for watching NFL games tonight

Fall, Football, and Streaming Services: A Winning Combination

Where I come from in Washington, D.C., there are a few things that are very evident of autumn: the morning chime of school bells, the lazy fall of ombre leaves, the reluctant emergence of the winter parka. But most of all, fall comes in the form of football: fast and swift, taking over the city with a wave of endless fandom and nostalgia.

Even now, when I live in the endless summer of Florida, there’s still no mistaking the return of Sunday night football as a wave of friendly competition sweeps the melting pot I now call home. We have fans from all over the world who all share one very important thing in common: the love of football.

But to keep up around here, you need to know your stats, so you really can’t afford to miss a game. It gets pricey constantly going to the local sports bar, so why not bring the competition right to your home?

With the best NFL streaming services, you can catch every heart-pounding moment right from the comfort of your favorite couch or recliner. I have chosen the top NFL streaming services based on features, price, and types of games shown. My top pick is YouTube TV, but I have also included other services so that you don’t have to miss another minute of your team’s game now that football season is back.

The Best Streaming Services for NFL of 2023

YouTube TV

YouTube TV

Pros – Expansive channels – Excellent coverage – Flexible plans

Cons – On the pricier side – NFL RedZone extra

More Details – Channels included: 100+ – 4K viewing: Yes – DVR: Unlimited – Free trial: Yes

YouTube TV is not only the best NFL streaming service overall, but it is also the best sports streaming service. You get the benefit of live TV with over 100 channels to tune into at any time. The channels aren’t shabby, either, including top picks like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and more. If you are a Spanish speaker, there are 30 more Spanish networks you can add. Either way, you get access to YouTube TV’s on-demand content, in addition to optional premium add-ons.

YouTube TV is also big on sports. You get pointed coverage through special channels like ESPN and the NFL Network. It is a provider of NFL Sunday Ticket, covering out-of-market games on Sunday afternoons. You also have the option of adding on the Sports Plus package for $10.99/month to add on 13 additional sports networks, including NFL RedZone. Beyond that, you can look up what local coverage is available in your area to see an exact list of networks.

Your account comes with up to six profiles, enough for the whole family. You also receive unlimited DVR storage without any extra fees or contracts required, giving you complete freedom over your streaming ability. There is also easy compatibility with all of your favorite devices, working beyond just your TV and also including your iPhone and gaming console.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

Pros – Thursday Night Football – Sports shows and podcasts – Access to Prime Originals

Cons – No individual sports package – Membership may be more than you need

More Details – Channels included: 8 sports channels – 4K viewing: Yes – DVR: N/A – Free trial: Yes

If you love Thursday Night Football, Amazon Prime is the best streaming service for NFL games. It also happens to be ZDNET’s pick for the best streaming service overall, thanks to its fantastic benefits.

Prime has made a name for itself with its free delivery and enormous on-demand catalog. It is also a popular option for sports fans who are looking to cure that NFL itch. With Amazon Prime, you have the option to view the NFL Network, MLB.TV, and NBA League Pass. As an added bonus, you get access to Thursday Night Football – a bonus that you won’t find with other leading providers.

In addition to the sports channels that Prime offers, you get access to sports podcasts and shows like The Cari Champion Show, Game Breakers, and Bonjour! Sports Talk. From there, you can choose how big of a fan you want to be with the ability to add on supplementary subscriptions like ViX Gratis, Paramount+, MLB.TV, or even SHOWTIME for boxing. Regardless, you have Prime Video’s entire library full of your favorite movies and series to keep you company in between games.

Plus, you get all the regular benefits that accompany a Prime subscription, like grocery shopping, free video games, and access to new books. Sign up for a free 30-day trial and take the service for a test drive yourself.



Pros – Expansive sports selection – Live sports – Affordable

Cons – No longer a free plan – Must pay extra for local programming

More Details – Channels included: 50+ – 4K viewing: Yes – DVR: N/A – Free trial: Yes

Peacock is one of the newer kids on the streaming block, but it is the best streaming service for NFL games when you love your Sunday Night Football. As with the Premier League, Peacock has exclusive rights to Sunday Night Football, putting you right up front for all of the best action. You can also watch the French Open and IndyCar Series here, as well as the WWE Network and GolfPass, for a well-rounded lineup.

In addition to sports content, there are hundreds of movies and TV shows, as well as Peacock Originals that you won’t find anywhere else. You also get first dibs on the latest content from family networks NBC and Bravo that joins 24/7 live TV coverage. The little ones in the household will find plenty to watch, as will Spanish speakers looking for a new show. When movie night comes around, you will find movies straight out of the theater. There are also 50 live TV channels you can watch at any time.

When you upgrade your plan, you have the option to skip the ads and stream content. Regardless, all plans include six different profiles, and you can stream on three different devices simultaneously. With Peacock, you can stream on your favorite devices like your Roku, Fire TV, or PlayStation.



Pros – Wide sports coverage – ESPN+ originals – Affordable

Cons – Minimal live coverage – No live NBA games either

More Details – Channels included: 6 – 4K viewing: No – DVR: N/A – Free trial: No

If you want to record your favorite content, ESPN+ is the best streaming service for NFL games. You can rewind and replay to your heart’s content, streaming those breathtaking moments in fine detail. NFL PrimeTime provides the weekly professional recap after the game, breaking down each moment with expert analysis.

ESPN+ is limited in its live content; you will find mostly college games. Still, there are thousands of live events you can stream directly from over 25 different conferences nationwide. You are not just limited to football, either. ESPN+ also covers other favorite sports like basketball, baseball, soccer, and rugby.

However, when you want to obsess over that amazing catch, ESPN+ is the place to be. You can enjoy full-game replays throughout the whole year, so you can stay plugged in even during the off-season. There is also original programming, including ESPN’s 30 for 30 library with content from some of the world’s best football players like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. If you prefer to read your content, there are over 3,000 articles available each year from leading sports writers.

Hulu + Live TV

Hulu + Live TV

Pros – Expansive coverage – Access to ESPN+ and NFL RedZone – Tons of plans to choose from

Cons – Pricey – No free trial

More Details – Channels included: 85+ – 4K viewing: Yes – DVR: Unlimited – Free trial: No

Hulu + Live TV is the best streaming service for NFL coverage, thanks to its expansive packages. That is also why it is our pick for the best live TV service with its coverage of over 85 channels. You can catch live games for both professional and college football leagues, including not just NFL games but also NBA, NHL, and NCAA® coverage.

You can choose to bundle your Live TV service with ESPN+ for even wider coverage, giving you the ability to go back and review the game in detail after the initial excitement has worn off. For a little extra each month, you can also subscribe to the Sports Add-on, which gives you the ability to stream Sunday night games, along with access to NFL RedZone. You can catch live coverage of other sports, as well, like motorsports and horse racing. You even get access to the Outdoor Channel for fishing and hunting.

Beyond your sports coverage, there is Hulu’s entire streaming library to enjoy. Catch your favorite series and movies with access to Hulu Originals you won’t find anywhere else.



Pros – Wide coverage – Plenty of plan options – 4K streaming available

Cons – Limited DVR – Add-ons get expensive

More Details – Channels included: 158+ – 4K viewing: Yes – DVR: Varies based on plan – Free trial: Yes

If you find yourself more of a fan of college football, Fubo is the best streaming service for you. It also happens to be our pick for the best Netflix alternative, thanks to its expansive library and live TV capability. It is a perfect solution for cord-cutters, giving you access to favorite shows like ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS. You can watch nearly 300 different channels with 4K viewing for an even better picture. Watch your favorite NFL games, in addition to NBA, NHL, and MLB games and NASCAR races. When it is time for the big game, you will also find live coverage of the Super Bowl.

Fubo is generous with its simultaneous streams, giving you the ability to stream content on ten different devices at the same time. DVR storage is included with your plan, giving you the ability to save your favorite games and shows. However, while your recordings never expire, you are limited in how many hours you can have unless you upgrade your plan.

There is a complimentary free trial to get you started. Simply grab your phone, tablet, or gaming console, and you are on your way.

What is the Best Streaming Service for NFL?

Even if you are familiar with these streaming services, it isn’t so easy to identify the best NFL streaming service at first glance. Costs vary significantly, and not all services provide the bonus of live TV. To see how the best NFL streaming services compare, check out this comparison chart:

Best streaming service for NFL Base plan cost Live TV Channels
YouTube TV $65/month 100+
Amazon Prime $15/month 8
Peacock $5/month 50+
ESPN+ $10/month 6
Hulu + Live TV $70/month 85+
Fubo $75/month 158+

Which is the Best Streaming Service for NFL for You?

There are a number of different streaming services that you can use to watch NFL games, but they can vary considerably in their coverage types. Before you join a new service, check out these recommendations to help you find your best streaming service for NFL:

  • Choose YouTube TV if you want the best service to stream NFL games. YouTube TV has all of the sports games you can stand.
  • Choose Amazon Prime to stream Thursday night football. Plus, you get access to all of Amazon Prime’s expansive digital library.
  • Choose Peacock to watch Sunday night football. Peacock has the best games for those big Sunday night contests.
  • Choose ESPN+ to rewatch NFL games. This best streaming service allows you to record NFL games so you never have to worry about missing a moment.
  • Choose Hulu + Live TV to watch other TV shows, as well. You will have access to live programming from your favorite networks.
  • Choose Fubo to watch college football games. Fubo has those hard-to-find games that other networks may not carry.

How Did I Choose These Best Streaming Services for NFL?

To find the best streaming service for NFL games, I considered several factors that can also help you with your search.

  1. Coverage: Before choosing an NFL streaming service, consider which markets each service covers. You may only have access to some local games and not all of them, limiting which divisions and sports you are able to watch. Some streaming services are also limited in which special events they can cover, like Thursday Night Football and Sunday Night Football.

  2. Content: Some NFL streaming services offer live TV, while others do not. You can also often find content outside of NFL games, whether it is the latest movie out in theaters or the newest season of your favorite series. You may also be able to benefit from access to exclusive originals, too.

  3. Recording: If you like to save your games and shows to watch them later, some of the best NFL streaming services offer the ability to record and replay games so you can relive that epic catch or celebrate that last-minute touchdown. However, you may be limited in how many hours you can record or how long your recordings will last, so be sure to check the particulars of your plan before you sign up.

  4. Cost: The cost of the best NFL streaming services can vary significantly based on the service and plan you choose. For example, while Peacock starts at just $5 per month, Fubo starts at $75 per month, proving that costs can truly run the gamut. However, most of the best streaming services for NFL games offer a free trial so you can test out the service before you commit financially.

What Streaming Service Has NFL Sunday Ticket?

YouTube TV has exclusive streaming rights to the NFL Sunday Ticket. In order to catch Sunday night games, you will need to subscribe to the Base Plan and add on the NFL Sunday Ticket package. Because of this, YouTube TV is the best streaming service for NFL games that you can use.

Is There a Streaming Service to Watch All NFL Games?

YouTube TV has everything you need to catch all of the NFL games. Not only can you add on the NFL Sunday Ticket, but you also get the must-have channels, including FOX, CBS, NBC, ESPN, and the NFL Network. Fubo also has a full lineup of games each season, giving you access to most everything you need for nightly games. However, Thursday Night Football is not included and requires a separate subscription.

What is the Cheapest Streaming Service for NFL Games?

Peacock is the cheapest streaming service for NFL games, but it is also one of the most basic. You get access to over 50 channels, which is half the amount of YouTube TV and nearly a third of Fubo. Still, the low price point leaves plenty of room in the budget for other expenses and – dare I say – other streaming services.

What is the Best Package to Watch NFL Games?

YouTube TV is the best streaming service for NFL games. It offers the best versatility with its service, giving you a wide selection of channels that are sure to put you in sports heaven. It is a reliable service at a reasonable price, giving you over 100 channels with live TV programming.

Is There a Way to Just Get NFL Sunday Ticket?

YouTube TV is the best NFL streaming service for a reason. It gives you the flexibility to truly find the right package for your needs, whether it is a full TV package or a standalone subscription to NFL Sunday Ticket. Either way, YouTube TV lets you create the NFL streaming subscription that you need without any of the stuff you don’t.

Are There Alternative Best Streaming Services for NFL Worth Considering?

These are not the only options for the best streaming services for NFL games. If you are looking to expand your options a bit, these are some of the other best NFL streaming services available for your sports-watching needs.

Now that you have all the information you need, you can make an informed decision on the best streaming service for NFL games. Whether you choose YouTube TV, Amazon Prime, Peacock, ESPN+, Hulu + Live TV, or Fubo, you won’t have to miss a single heart-stopping moment of football. So grab your snacks, gather your friends, and get ready for a season full of excitement and cheers from the comfort of your own home. Happy streaming!