Best smart scales 2023

Best smart scales 2023

Smart Scales: Your Essential Companion on the Journey to Health

Smart Scales

Data is a powerful tool, even in the battle to achieve a healthier lifestyle. In the past, recording weight progress was a cumbersome process, requiring manual tracking on graph sheets. But today, we are fortunate to have smart scales that automate the process and make it affordable for everyone. Join me on a journey to find the best smart scale that can guide you towards behavior change and overall health improvement.

Empowering Safety First

It’s essential to approach your fitness journey with a healthy mindset. Remember, your self-worth is not defined by the number on the scale. Dr. Anne Swift, Director of public health teaching at the University of Cambridge, advises against fixating on daily fluctuations and instead suggests focusing on key indicators like how your clothes fit or how you feel.

Choosing the Perfect Smart Scale


Naturally, a reliable weight measurement is a fundamental requirement for any smart scale. While the accuracy of these scales may not match clinical ones, it’s more important to analyze the overall weight trend over time rather than isolated figures.


Most smart scales either connect to your phone via Bluetooth or your home’s Wi-Fi network. It’s crucial to consider your weighing routine and choose a scale accordingly. Bluetooth-only scales are more affordable but require your phone to be nearby for data recording, while Wi-Fi-enabled scales sync your stats to a server, allowing access from any compatible device.

Bone Density

As you age, maintaining strong bones becomes crucial. Clinical bone density tests are done using low-power x-rays, but higher-end smart scales can provide an approximation right in your bathroom. These scales pass a small electrical current through your feet to measure resistance, helping identify bone mass.

Body Fat Percentage and Muscle Mass

Excessive body fat or insufficient muscle mass can pose health risks. Smart scales use Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) to measure body fat and muscle mass percentages. They send a low electrical signal through your body, analyzing the resistance to determine these metrics.

BMI: A Controversial Metric

Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation is common in many scales, but its critics argue it oversimplifies and often misleads. Medical professionals still use it to assess patient care despite its limitations.

Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV)

Some high-end smart scales, like those from Withings, offer Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) measurement. PWV is an indicator of arterial stiffness and can provide insights into cardiovascular risks and other health conditions. Although limited research supports the accuracy of these systems, anecdotal reports suggest they have prompted life-saving medical interventions.

Display and App Features

Smart scales come with different types of displays, ranging from LCD to color screens. High-end models offer features like trending weight charts, weather updates, and comprehensive visualizations. The companion app is essential for analyzing your health data, so choose one that provides clear layouts and powerful tools for progress visualization.

Data Portability and Power Source

Consider the data portability options offered by your chosen scale. You should have the ability to export your data and easily import it into another platform. Additionally, choose between disposable battery-powered scales or those with built-in rechargeable batteries.

The Tested Smart Scales

For this comprehensive guide, we put six major smart scales to the test. Let’s take a closer look at each.

  1. Mi (Xiaomi) Body Composition Scale 2 – Budget-friendly and basic, it delivers weight and body composition measurements.
  2. Fitbit Aria Air – Reliable, fast, and trustworthy, this scale offers essential health metrics and leverages the Fitbit app’s powerful features.
  3. Anker Eufy Smart Scale P2 Pro – Exceptional value for money, with in-depth measurements, snazzy design, and a user-friendly app (However, recent security concerns raise caution).
  4. Omron BCM-500 Body Composition and Scale with Bluetooth – Known for medical-grade devices, Omron offers a dependable scale, although with limited features.
  5. Garmin Index S2 – The go-to scale for fitness enthusiasts, Garmin provides a wealth of data and detailed metrics for serious users.
  6. Withings Body Comp – A luxury scale with a comprehensive range of body composition metrics, offering a polished and technologically advanced experience.

The Best Smart Scales for Every Need

Best Budget-Friendly Smart Scale: Fitbit Aria Air, Mi Body Composition Scale 2

For those on a tight budget, Fitbit Aria Air and Mi Body Composition Scale 2 deliver excellent value. Fitbit’s scale offers better build quality and reliability, leveraging its refined and user-friendly fitness app. Meanwhile, Xiaomi’s scale provides more data, albeit with a lackluster companion app. Choose Fitbit for a polished experience or Xiaomi for additional measurements and cost savings.

Best Smart Scale for Feature Seekers: Eufy’s P2 Pro (with security cautions)

Eufy’s P2 Pro scale impresses with its user-friendly interface and rich metric data. Although recent security concerns have emerged, compromising Eufy’s reputation, the scale still outperforms competitors at this level. The Eufy Life app provides valuable insights and visualizations, serving as an excellent companion for weight watchers seeking a data-driven approach (proceed with caution).

Best Smart Scale for Athletes: Garmin Index S2

Garmin’s Index S2 offers an exceptional user experience, thanks to its sleek design and wealth of data. Athletes or fitness enthusiasts in need of advanced metrics will appreciate this scale. Although its color screen’s refresh rate is a minor drawback, Garmin’s Index S2 provides detailed graphing options and various performance metrics.

Best Smart Scale for the Worried Well: Withings Body Comp

Withings’ Body Comp scale caters to those who desire extensive health information. It offers comprehensive body composition metrics, including vascular age and pulse wave velocity. Despite the steep price tag, the scale’s polished aesthetics and monochrome display create an appealing experience. However, the move to replace the rechargeable battery with AAA batteries at this price range raises concerns.

While finding the perfect smart scale may seem overwhelming, it’s essential to consider your priorities and long-term goals. Whether you opt for a budget-friendly option or invest in luxurious features, let your journey to better health be guided by the power of data.

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