Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 screen protectors

Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 screen protectors

The Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Screen Protectors: Protecting Your Flip Phone

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

Folding phones are the future, and flip smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 are likely to be the folding form factor of choice for many people. It’s not hard to see why, as Samsung’s newest flip phone has everything we loved about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 while adding a larger outer screen and a hinge that finally folds completely flat. It’s a stunning piece of hardware, and the displays are absolutely the linchpin of what makes it great — whether we’re talking about the internal folding screen, or the outer display that’s now much larger and can do so much more.

But two screens come with their own hazards, specifically, the risk of breakages. While the inner screen is relatively protected while folded, accidents do happen, and they can lead to an expensive repair bill. Thankfully, screen protectors exist to add more protection to your valuable smartphone. Here are six of the best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 screen protectors you can buy right now. Also, make sure you double up on your protection by adding one of the best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 cases as well.

Official Samsung Front Protection Film – Twin Pack


Samsung is a good place to start when you’re looking to grab some protection for your Z Flip 5, with the bonus that you can grab it the moment you buy your new phone. While nowhere near as protective as a glass screen protector, this film protector will provide decent protection against scratches and dirt, even if it doesn’t do much to protect against bumps and drops.

It’s a twin pack, so there’s a spare in case the first one gets dirty or torn, and it’s also made partially from recycled materials, making it an eco-conscious product. However, a number of reviews have pointed out it can be a tricky screen protector to apply to your phone, with a lot of bubbles emerging if not put on perfectly. If that’s a worry for you, check out one of our easier-to-apply options below.

Ringke Dual Easy Film – Twin Pack


Applying a screen protector can be an experience fraught with tension, as doing it poorly can result in bubbles or even hairs and dirt trapped between the protector and your display. Ringke’s Dual Easy takes a lot of worry out of applying a protector to your precious new phone, thanks to the almost foolproof installation method.

Done correctly, the Dual Easy’s installation process will lay out the protector correctly, cleanly, and without bubbles. The process is on the more intricate side though, and you’ll need to put aside a bit of time to make sure you do it correctly. It’s worth doing though because Ringke’s Dual Easy has several layers of protection and comes with an extra protector to boot, making this a great value.

Spigen GlasTR EZ FIT Front Glass Protector – Twin Pack


Spigen is one of the world’s biggest and most well-known accessory creators, and its screen protectors are some of the best around. This protector for the Z Flip 5’s front display is made from tough tempered glass, so it’s likely to protect against a wide range of hazards, including drops and bumps. That additional protection does mean it adds a bit of extra width compared to film protectors, but that’s to be expected.

It comes in a twin pack, and Spigen has also included an installation tray, which helps make applying it a cinch. Since the outer display is likely to be the one that gets the most wear over time, a glass protector here does make sense, but keep in mind that glass protectors can reduce the touch sensitivity and visibility of your display.

Whitestone Premium Gen Hard Coating Film Screen Protector


Whitestone has made a name for itself with its excellent glass protectors for a wide range of phones. While glass screen protectors can be problematic on a folding screen, Whitestone has the next best thing: a hard-coated film protector. Multiple layers of protection mean that, while it still can’t really challenge glass for protection, the Premium Gen film is at least strong against a number of hazards, including scratches and dirt.

Whitestone’s installation method makes applying it very easy, though like other install trays, it’s something you may need to put some time aside to complete properly. It’s also rather expensive for only the one screen protector, as many competitors offer at least one more protector in their packages.

InvisibleShield Glass+ Defense Screen Protector


Glass is glass, right? Not necessarily, as the InvisibleShield Glass+ Defense proves. Claimed to be 95% stronger than regular glass, this aluminosilicate glass has excellent shatter resistance, a smudge-resistant coating, and helps to preserve your display’s touch sensitivity and clarity.

The EZ Apply tray means applying it, while still something you’ll want to pay attention to, is easier than you might expect. It’ll add extra width to your device, of course, especially when compared to thinner film protectors, but the protection speaks for itself. It’s expensive for a single protector, though, even if it does come with a lifetime warranty from Zagg.

SuperShieldz Full Coverage Screen Protector Pack – Twin Pack


SuperShieldz is the king of great value when screen protectors are concerned. This pack of screen protectors doesn’t have anything fancy, but what it does have is protection for your outer and inner displays and an extra protector for each on top, all at a bargain price. The protectors are made from film, so they’re not as protective as glass would be, but they’ll still protect against dust, scratches, and grime alike.

There’s no install kit, so you’ll have to be careful while installing them to make sure there aren’t any bubbles left afterward. But even with those small caveats, this is an excellent product for pure value that gives you all-over coverage for your new phone.

In conclusion, while the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 is a remarkable flip phone with stunning displays, it’s important to protect these screens from potential breakages. Screen protectors provide an extra layer of protection, and there are several great options available. From the official Samsung protector to the value-packed SuperShieldz, you can find the perfect match for your needs. Whether you prioritize simplicity, glass protection, or premium film, you can ensure your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 remains safe and secure.