Best mesh routers to buy.

Best mesh routers to buy.

The Rise of Mesh Wi-Fi Systems

In today’s world, where fast and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity is essential, the demand for efficient internet solutions has reached an all-time high. With millions of people relying on video conferencing apps like Zoom to communicate with colleagues and clients, having a strong Wi-Fi signal has become a necessity. This is particularly evident in larger offices or homes where conventional Wi-Fi routers struggle to reach distant rooms on other floors. Luckily, there is an alternative solution that can address these issues – mesh networking systems.

The Benefits of Mesh Wi-Fi Systems

Mesh Wi-Fi systems have gained popularity due to their ability to provide stable connectivity and extensive coverage. Instead of relying on a single router and range extenders, mesh systems consist of a main router and multiple satellite units strategically placed throughout the space. This setup ensures that the Wi-Fi signal is evenly distributed, eliminating dead zones and providing reliable coverage in all areas.

The latest mesh systems are now adopting the Wi-Fi 6 (IEEE 802.11ax) standard, which offers improved performance and flexibility. This makes them an attractive option for both homes and businesses looking to enhance their Wi-Fi setups.

The Top Mesh Wi-Fi Systems for 2023

When it comes to choosing the best mesh Wi-Fi system, there are several options available on the market. Each system offers unique features and benefits that cater to various needs. Here are some of the top contenders:

Our top pick for the best mesh Wi-Fi system in 2023 is the TP-Link Deco X55. This compact and discreet system offers stable connectivity and impressive coverage of up to 6,500 square feet. With its affordable price point, the Deco X55 is an excellent choice for larger homes or small offices.

Key Features: – Dual-band Wi-Fi 6 technology – Gigabit Ethernet ports – AI-assisted mesh for optimal bandwidth usage – Can support up to 150 connected devices

2. Netgear Orbi AX5400 (RBK763)

The Netgear Orbi AX5400 is a Gigabit Wi-Fi system that provides blazing fast speeds and fantastic coverage. This system is ideal for larger homes that require extensive coverage. With the ability to support up to 75 devices in around seven rooms, the Orbi AX5400 ensures uninterrupted connectivity throughout the space.

Key Features: – Wi-Fi 6 technology – Support for 160MHz channels for enhanced speed – Parental app controls – Options for expanding coverage with additional satellites

3. Amazon eero 6+ Mesh Wi-Fi System

For those on a budget, the Amazon eero 6+ Mesh Wi-Fi system offers affordability without compromising on performance. With decent coverage of up to 1,500 square feet, this system is perfect for standard home use. Amazon’s TrueMesh technology ensures optimal connectivity and minimizes the risk of connection drops.

Key Features: – Wi-Fi 6 technology – Built-in smart hub – Support for 160 MHz client devices

4. Linksys Atlas Max 6E

If you’re willing to splurge on a high-end mesh Wi-Fi system, the Linksys Atlas Max 6E is worth considering. With exceptional coverage range and tri-band Wi-Fi 6E technology, this system delivers exceptional speeds and performance. The Atlas Max 6E is suitable for larger homes or small to medium-sized businesses.

Key Features: – Tri-band Wi-Fi 6E technology – Gigabit Ethernet ports – Guest mode – Professional installation options available

5. Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro

Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro offers reliable coverage and improved speed compared to older Nest models. With a focus on simplicity and integration within the Google ecosystem, this system is perfect for users who are already invested in Google products. The tri-band Wi-Fi 6E router ensures stable and consistent coverage throughout the home.

Key Features: – Wi-Fi 6E technology – Stylish design – Guest network creation

6. ASUS ROG Rapture GT6 Tri-Band WiFi 6 Gaming Mesh System

For gamers, the ASUS ROG Rapture GT6 is a top choice. This mesh system is specifically designed to optimize gaming traffic and reduce game lag. With its tri-band Wi-Fi 6 technology and extensive coverage of up to 5,800 square feet, the GT6 provides a seamless gaming experience.

Key Features: – Tri-band Wi-Fi 6 technology – Game acceleration feature – Cooling system to dissipate heat

Choosing the Right Mesh Wi-Fi System

When selecting a mesh Wi-Fi system, the size of your home or office building is a crucial consideration. If you have a smaller space, a more affordable system with Wi-Fi 5 technology may suffice. However, for larger homes or offices with multiple devices in use, opting for a Wi-Fi 6 system is the best choice, as it provides increased speed and efficiency.

Mesh Wi-Fi System Price Range Wi-Fi 6?
TP-Link Deco X55 $200 Up to 6,500 sq ft Yes
Netgear Orbi AX5400 (RBK763) $500 Up to 12,500 sq ft Yes
Amazon eero 6+ Mesh Wi-Fi System $140 Up to 4,500 sq ft Yes
Linksys Atlas Max 6E $800 Up to 9,000 sq ft Yes
Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro $400 Up to 2,200 sq ft Yes
ASUS ROG Rapture GT6 Gaming System $450 Up to 5,800 sq ft Yes

How We Chose These Mesh Wi-Fi Systems

In selecting the top mesh Wi-Fi systems, we considered various factors such as internet connectivity, speed and capacity, additional features, and budget. Our aim was to recommend systems that provide reliable coverage, optimal performance, and cater to different price points and usage requirements.

Mesh Wi-Fi systems have revolutionized the way we connect to the internet, offering efficient and seamless coverage throughout our homes and offices. Whether you need extensive coverage for a large space or enhanced performance for gaming, there is a mesh Wi-Fi system that will meet your needs. Upgrade your Wi-Fi experience with one of these top-rated mesh systems and enjoy fast and reliable connectivity anywhere in your space.