Best dual-monitor wallpapers nature, space, gaming | ENBLE

Best dual-monitor wallpapers nature, space, gaming | ENBLE

The Best Dual-Monitor Wallpapers for a Vibrant Workspace


Looking to jazz up your workspace? Downloading a sleek, high-quality wallpaper can instantly transform the look and feel of your computer screen. However, if you’re working with dual monitors, finding the perfect wallpaper can be quite a task. Some configurations only allow you to select a single background for each screen, limiting your options. But worry not! There are several websites that offer a wide range of dual-monitor background options, from modern designs to artsy layouts. These websites provide high-quality images that can be easily configured to your screens’ unique resolutions and aspect ratios.

WallpaperFusion – Our Pick


WallpaperFusion is our top choice when it comes to finding dual-monitor wallpapers. This website offers a browsing experience that is both snappy and filled with useful data. Hovering over an image will give you its title, while the icons below show you the number of downloads and the user rating. The dual-monitor backgrounds available on WallpaperFusion are professional, diverse, and of excellent quality. They are designed to appeal to a wide range of tastes and styles.

One of the standout features of WallpaperFusion is its resolution and format choices. For any given wallpaper, you have options for separate image downloads for left and right screens, a full image to stretch across both screens, or the original image download. Additionally, there is an auto-detect feature that suggests a download option based on the screen you’re currently using. The website also offers tags and a search system, making it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for. You can download the images directly or use the DisplayFusion download tool for automatic resolution optimization. Customization options like cropping are also available.

Dual Monitor Backgrounds (DMB) – Best Selection

Dual Monitor Backgrounds

DMB is a site dedicated entirely to dual-monitor wallpapers, making it a great option for those seeking the widest selection possible. While the image quality may not be as reliable as some other websites, DMB offers a vast collection that is hard to match. The website’s image layout is optimized for viewing multiple options at once, and you can sort your selection by date, rating, and popularity. Categories are also available to simplify the browsing experience. Hovering over an image provides immediate access to the title and resolution, allowing you to quickly explore various options.

Wallpapers Wide – Best Resolution Option

Wallpapers Wide

Wallpapers Wide may not have the most modern website layout, but it compensates for that with its impressive resolution selection. The website offers a multitude of choices, including resolutions for dual- or triple-monitor setups, as well as 4K displays. It has a dedicated section for every kind of screen imaginable, making it the go-to destination for users with specific image needs or sensitive screen arrangements. If you dislike stretched-out wallpapers and want to ensure optimal resolution, Wallpapers Wide is the place to go.

Twelve South – Best Mac Option

Twelve South

Twelve South offers a unique boutique service for wallpaper enthusiasts. It provides eight “collections” or mini-categories of wallpapers, each centered around a specific theme. These backgrounds cater to different tastes, ranging from the Hawaiian islands to shots of San Francisco. Many of the wallpapers are specifically designed to match up with two different types of screens, such as a MacBook and an iMac. Twelve South’s catalog allows you to choose a dual-screen background that fits within the confines of your system while remaining distinct. It’s a fun and high-quality way to unify your devices, especially if they come from the same product families.

Digital Blasphemy – Best Digital Art Option

Digital Blasphemy

Digital Blasphemy stands out with its unique collection of digital wallpapers. While the website design may have a retro feel, the wallpapers themselves are anything but antiquated. The creator of Digital Blasphemy has been working for years to produce various wallpapers known for their digital effects. With a wide selection of dual- and tri-screen images, Digital Blasphemy offers more choices than you might expect. The wallpapers tend to lean toward the fantastical and otherworldly, providing an ideal option for those seeking to break away from traditional landscape shots.

However, it’s important to note that Digital Blasphemy requires a membership to access most of its wallpapers. Free preview images are available, but for full access, you’ll need to pay and create an account.

Imgur Dual Monitor Wallpapers – Best Pop Culture Wallpaper

Imgur Dual Monitor Wallpapers

Imgur is a well-known image hosting platform, and it boasts numerous collections of images on various topics. When it comes to dual-monitor wallpapers, the best option can be found on Imgur. The collection features several hundred images, many of which are filled with pop culture references, making them unique compared to other sites. If you’re looking for a wallpaper with a Portal reference or a great Avengers background, this is the place to start. Whether new additions are regularly made to the collection is uncertain, so make sure to take advantage of the existing options.

r/MultiWall – Best Custom Wallpaper


If you have a custom screen setup that requires something out of the ordinary, the r/MultiWall subreddit is the perfect destination for dual-monitor wallpapers. Subreddits cover limitless topics, including dual-monitor wallpapers known as “MultiWalls”. This subreddit provides a hub for custom work, discussions about new collections, and requests for touch-ups or formatting advice from experts. Exploring r/MultiWall will expose you to new ideas and inspire ongoing creative endeavors for your multiple monitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the best places to get dual-screen wallpapers?

The best places to find dual-screen wallpapers are WallpaperFusion, DMB, and Wallpapers Wide. These websites offer a wide selection of options that cater to all resolution needs and aesthetic preferences. Additionally, their websites are easy to navigate, enhancing the overall user experience.

What size should a dual-screen wallpaper be?

There is no one-size-fits-all measurement for dual-screen wallpapers. The size depends on the resolutions of your monitors. It’s crucial to choose images that fit the specific resolution of each monitor. Websites like WallpaperFusion can automatically detect your monitor sizes and provide image downloads that fit perfectly.

Can you have two wallpapers for two monitors?

Yes, you can set a different background wallpaper for each of your two monitors. Windows offers a feature that makes it extremely straightforward to do so. Simply open Personalization and Background within Settings, right-click on a wallpaper, and select “Set for monitor 1” or “Set for monitor 2”.

How do I make my wallpaper dual-screen?

To set up a dual-screen wallpaper, choose the “Set for all monitors” option when right-clicking on your chosen background image. DMB is a helpful site for downloading purely dual-monitor wallpapers.