Berlin tech companies plant trees when you travel by train.

Berlin tech companies plant trees when you travel by train.

Omio and Ecosia Collaborate to Promote Sustainable Rail Travel and Environmental Initiatives

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In a unique partnership, German travel unicorn Omio and search engine Ecosia have joined forces to create a groundbreaking tool that promotes sustainable rail travel and supports environmental initiatives. This collaboration aims to make rail options more visible as an alternative to air travel while simultaneously contributing to Ecosia’s green initiatives. The tool will be available in 15 countries, including the UK, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, and the Nordics.

A Greener Alternative to Air Travel

The primary objective of this new tool is twofold. Firstly, it aims to provide users with easily accessible and sustainable rail travel options, encouraging them to choose trains over planes for their journeys. With the impacts of air travel on the environment increasingly under scrutiny, this tool comes at the right time to promote greener alternatives.

Secondly, Ecosia will direct all the commission it receives from successful bookings through the tool towards its green initiatives. Unlike traditional carbon offset measures used by airlines, this collaboration is not intended to “cancel out” the carbon emissions produced during a journey but rather to fund Ecosia’s ongoing environmental projects.

By utilizing Omio’s travel platform, this tool will allow users to search and book train journeys seamlessly through Ecosia’s website. Through API integration, the booking platform will automatically appear when users search for train information or select destinations where train travel is feasible, such as from London to Paris.

The reach of this collaboration extends to several countries, including the United States, the UK, France, Austria, and more. Notable travel providers accessible through this tool include Amtrak, LNER, GWR, Avanti, SNCF, OBB, and Eurostar. The comprehensiveness of these offerings ensures that users can find suitable train options for their desired destinations.

Ecosia’s Green Journey

Ecosia Search Engine

Ecosia, although lesser known compared to industry giants, is a highly impactful platform with 20 million monthly users worldwide. Founded in 2009 by Christian Kroll, the company is committed to allocating 100% of its profits towards planet-friendly initiatives. This dedication has resulted in the planting of over 175 million trees in collaboration with local communities worldwide.

Becoming the first accredited B Corp in Germany in 2014, Ecosia has not limited itself to tree-planting projects. The company has also actively supported regenerative agriculture initiatives and invested in renewable energy sources. Its overarching goal is to tackle the climate emergency and provide users with environmentally conscious alternatives.

Michael Metcalf, Ecosia’s Chief Product Officer, emphasizes that users are increasingly interested in sustainable travel options. The high volume of train-related searches on Ecosia demonstrates this demand. By promoting rail travel and generating bookings through their platform, Ecosia can further invest in critical environmental initiatives.

The Rise of Omio

Omio Travel Platform

Omio, a Berlin-based startup originally known as GoEuro, has rapidly become a leading multi-modal travel platform since its founding in 2013 by Naren Shaam. Today, Omio facilitates travel ticket bookings across 37 countries, available in 21 different languages and 26 different currencies, partnering with over 1000 travel transportation providers.

Like many companies in the travel industry, Omio experienced significant challenges during the pandemic as the industry ground to a halt. However, the company demonstrated resilience, securing $80 million (approx. €72 million) in Series E funding just over a year ago. This funding influx, amounting to a total of $480 million (€434 million), has allowed Omio to weather the storm and continue expanding its services.

Partnering with Ecosia aligns perfectly with Omio’s vision. By enabling sustainable travel options through this collaboration, Omio solidifies its commitment to offering travelers a variety of choices while promoting responsible and eco-friendly travel decisions.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Omio and Ecosia represents a significant step forward in promoting sustainable travel. By integrating Omio’s travel platform with Ecosia’s search engine, users will have access to comprehensive train options while simultaneously contributing to Ecosia’s environmental initiatives. This partnership showcases the power of technology and the collective effort to make a positive impact on the planet.