BeFake’ is a new social media app that uses AI to transform user photos.

BeFake' is a new social media app that uses AI to transform user photos.

Introducing BeFake AI: The First AI-Augmented Social Network

BeFake AI

In a world where social media platforms often promote curated versions of ourselves, showcasing only the most idealized aspects of our lives, a new app called BeFake AI is embracing the fakeness of social media. BeFake AI claims to be the “First AI-Augmented Social Network,” allowing users to transform their images into unique art creations and share them online.

Drawing inspiration from BeReal, a social media platform released in early 2020 that aimed to bring back authenticity with impromptu photo-sharing notifications, BeFake AI takes a playful approach. Its name and design are a clever play on words, questioning why be real when it’s more fun to be fake.

Like BeReal, BeFake AI prompts users throughout the day to upload a front and back camera picture. However, what sets BeFake AI apart is that users don’t upload raw, unedited photos. Instead, they can use AI to edit and enhance their pictures before posting them online.

The editing process on BeFake AI is more than just applying a simple filter. Users have a range of options to personalize their images, similar to popular AI art generators like DALL-E. They can choose from predetermined prompts or create their own unique edits, giving their photos a distinct artistic touch.

Once users are satisfied with their edited photo, they can upload it to the platform. However, there’s a twist. Instead of completely replacing the original image, users can swipe to see both the original and AI-transformed versions side by side. This feature adds an element of surprise and intrigue, offering a glimpse into the creative process behind each image.

For those who prefer to remain anonymous, BeFake AI offers a subscription plan priced at $9.99 per month, $99.99 per year, or $2.99 per week. Subscribers enjoy benefits like hiding the original photo, posting late without penalty, and generating an unlimited number of AI-enhanced photos.

If you’re intrigued by BeFake AI and want to give it a try, you can download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. However, like any AI model, it’s essential to be aware of the app’s privacy policy. BeFake AI may collect and use your personal data for various purposes, including training its models and analyzing usage trends. While the app states it uses personal data to improve the user experience, it’s important to weigh the potential privacy implications before diving in.

BeFake AI offers a unique twist on social media, injecting a sense of creativity and fun into the often rigid and polished nature of online self-presentation. By embracing the fakeness of social media, the app encourages users to express themselves through AI art, challenging the notion that authenticity is the only path to connection and self-expression. So why be real when you can have fun being fake with BeFake AI?