Baldur’s Gate 3 Review RPG Excellence on Steam Deck

Baldur's Gate 3 Review RPG Excellence on Steam Deck

Baldur’s Gate 3: The Perfect RPG for Steam Deck

Baldur’s Gate 3

If you’re an RPG fan like me, then Baldur’s Gate 3 is a game you absolutely cannot miss, especially if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on the Steam Deck. Having played this long-awaited game both on a desktop computer and the portable PC gaming device, I can confidently say that Baldur’s Gate 3 is the perfect game for on-the-go gaming. Whether you’re taking a quick break from your desk or traveling around, this game offers the flexibility to play for an hour or two wherever you are. And trust me, you’ll want to make use of those stolen moments because this game is incredibly vast and time-consuming.

A Proper Sequel to an Epic RPG Series

Baldur’s Gate 3, developed by Larian Studios, is the much-awaited sequel in a series that first captivated players back in the late ’90s. After a long hiatus, fans have finally found their way back to the legendary city of Baldur’s Gate. The game had been in early access for three years, but now it’s available for $60 on Steam and $70 on PlayStation 5, with an upcoming release for Xbox Series consoles.

Choose Your Adventure

Baldur’s Gate 3 is based on the iconic Dungeons & Dragons pen-and-paper RPG, making it a must-play for all D&D enthusiasts. The story begins with your character and a band of companions being abducted by mind flayers (yes, Stranger Things fans, just like those creatures), implanting parasites into your brains. Your mission is clear: to rid yourselves of these mind-controlling parasites before they transform you into mind flayers.

The gameplay of Baldur’s Gate 3 adopts a turn-based combat system, employing a range of weapons, magic, and skills. However, what sets this game apart is the inclusion of a 20-sided die, reminiscent of the tabletop D&D experience. This introduces an element of uncertainty and excitement as you navigate the game’s diverse choices. Every decision you make, whether it’s using intimidation, exploring an area, or even interacting with animals, is determined by the roll of the dice. The unpredictability and consequences of these choices make Baldur’s Gate 3 a thrilling and immersive experience.

Endless Choices and Exploration

Exploring the vast world of Baldur’s Gate 3 opens up a multitude of possibilities. There are over a thousand different endings, each influenced by the choices you make throughout the game. This incredible depth and replay value set the game apart from many RPGs on the market.

As you traverse the world, you’ll encounter a myriad of characters, each with their own unique problems that you can choose to help or ignore entirely. For those who prefer an evil path, stealing from and even killing characters are viable options. Personally, I preferred to be the valiant hero, but there were moments when I succumbed to temptation. However, beware of the consequences! Some actions may simply make people upset with you, while others can land you in jail.

A Challenge for Newcomers

For newcomers to RPGs, especially those unfamiliar with the intricacies of D&D, Baldur’s Gate 3 may seem overwhelming at first. The game requires careful thought and strategic decision-making both within and outside of battles. With so many choices available, it’s highly likely that players will make mistakes, which is why saving the game often becomes vital for progression.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Gameplay

Visuals and Performance

Baldur’s Gate 3 boasts stylish and intricate visuals that look stunning on the Steam Deck. You may need to adjust some display options to strike the perfect balance between smooth gameplay and visual fidelity. Personally, I found that setting the frames per second to 30, lowering the resolution from the maximum of 1,280×800 pixels, and selecting the medium overall quality preset achieved the desired results.

One thing to note is that playing Baldur’s Gate 3 on the Steam Deck will require the device’s fans to work harder to keep it cool. While this may result in some warmth in your hands, you can still enjoy approximately two hours of gameplay with the optimized settings mentioned earlier.


In summary, Baldur’s Gate 3 is an RPG masterpiece that perfectly complements the capabilities of the Steam Deck. Its rich storytelling, immersive gameplay mechanics, and breathtaking visuals make it a must-play for any RPG enthusiast. The game’s depth and the sheer number of choices available provide countless hours of entertainment and an unprecedented level of replay value. So, if you’re fortunate enough to grab a Steam Deck, make sure to add Baldur’s Gate 3 to your gaming library and embark on an unforgettable adventure!

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