Bad decision ruins Samsung’s new phones | ENBLE

Bad decision ruins Samsung's new phones | ENBLE

Samsung’s Color Choices: A Disappointing Departure from Vibrancy and Fun

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Image Source: Joe Maring / ENBLE

Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event this summer was filled with excitement and anticipation. The tech giant unveiled its latest flagship devices, including the Galaxy Z Fold 5 with an enhanced hinge and more powerful chip, and the Galaxy Z Flip 5 with a larger cover screen. The return of the much-loved design in the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic and a revamped lineup of Samsung tablets added to the buzz. However, amidst all the fanfare, there was a concerning trend emerging – a shift towards more conservative and muted color choices across Samsung’s entire product lineup.

The change in color choices became apparent earlier this year with the release of the Galaxy S23 series. Previous models, like the Galaxy S22 lineup, had featured dark, bold, and saturated finishes that caught the eye. The standard color options of Phantom Black, Phantom White, green, and burgundy were complemented by exclusive colors like graphite, Sky Blue, and red. The colors were vibrant and added a touch of sophistication to the devices.

Unfortunately, the Galaxy S23 Ultra color selection fell short of expectations. While Samsung aimed for a more serious and professional look with colors like Phantom Black, green, lavender, and cream, the overall impact was underwhelming. The green lacked the punch and depth of its predecessor, the lavender appeared more pale than expected, and cream, while neutral, didn’t make a strong impression. The exclusive Sky Blue and red options, although colorful, didn’t match the vibrancy and richness of previous models and were only available through direct ordering from Samsung.

The disappointment continued with the release of the Galaxy Z Flip 5. The previous model, the Galaxy Z Flip 4, had garnered attention for its fun colors, including Bora Purple, Pink Gold, and a stylish blue. Samsung’s Bespoke Studio had even allowed users to customize their own unique style with 75 color combinations. However, this feature didn’t carry over to the Galaxy Z Flip 5, which only offered options like mint, graphite, cream, and lavender, with some exclusive colors available directly from Samsung. While the exclusive colors weren’t devoid of color, they lacked vibrancy and punch.

The trend of disappointing color choices extended to Samsung’s other products as well. The Galaxy Z Fold 5, a more serious smartphone, offered a limited selection of colors, including Phantom Black, Icy Blue, and cream, along with Samsung-exclusive gray and blue shades. Even the Galaxy Watch 6 lineup saw a change, with the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic maintaining classic watch colors like black and silver but losing the sapphire version and replacing pink gold with a more generic gold. The Galaxy Tab S9 lineup also became less exciting with limited options of graphite and beige.

This departure from vibrant and fun colors is a conscious decision by Samsung, which seems to be favoring a more “serious” design approach. However, it is a disappointing contrast to competitors like Apple, who have embraced colorful designs with their iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch lineup. Apple’s iPhone XR marked the beginning of this shift in late 2018, and by 2020, their devices offered a wide range of deep and rich finishes. Other smartphone makers like Motorola and OnePlus have also incorporated exciting and inspiring colors into their devices.

Samsung’s muted and drab color choices in 2023 pale in comparison to the rich, bold, and saturated colors of previous models. While it is still early to predict the direction Samsung will take with the upcoming Galaxy S24 lineup, it is our hope that 2023 was merely a bump in the road. The tech world is always full of surprises, and we eagerly await Samsung’s next move in terms of color choice.

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