AWS to Teach Generative AI Usage

AWS to Teach Generative AI Usage

Amazon Web Services Offers New Courses on Generative AI

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently announced an exciting addition to its extensive lineup of courses. In a bid to help people grasp and utilize Amazon’s generative AI services, the company will be offering seven new courses. These courses target a wide range of audiences, including developers, business executives, and anyone interested in leveraging AI technology.

Free Courses for Beginners and Executives

AWS understands that accessibility is key to encouraging widespread adoption of AI tools. To this end, most of the initial courses will be available for free, making it easier for interested individuals to dive into the world of generative AI. Some of the free courses include “Amazon CodeWhisperer – Getting Started” and “Generative AI for Executives.”

The “CodeWhisperer – Getting Started” course is designed to be self-paced, allowing participants to learn about Amazon’s AI coding companion, CodeWhisperer. By enrolling in this course, users will gain a comprehensive understanding of CodeWhisperer’s capabilities and begin using it in their projects. It’s a unique opportunity for developers to harness the power of AI and explore its potential.

On the other hand, “Generative AI for Executives” takes a different approach by providing a collection of videos to introduce business executives to generative AI concepts and how this technology can address various business challenges. This course aims to equip business leaders with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions regarding the integration of AI solutions into their organizations.

Hands-On Paid Courses for DevOps Professionals

For those seeking more hands-on experience, AWS also offers paid courses. One such course is the interactive “AWS Jam Journey – Build Using Amazon CodeWhisperer.” This course is specifically tailored for DevOps professionals and focuses on providing practical experience with CodeWhisperer through a series of engaging challenges. Participants will gain valuable insights into using CodeWhisperer effectively and efficiently in real-world scenarios.

Benefits for Learners and Amazon

The availability of these courses presents numerous benefits for both the individuals taking them and Amazon as a company. By providing comprehensive instruction on how to use its generative AI tools, along with other offerings like Amazon SageMaker, Amazon is ensuring that learners gain a deeper understanding of these technologies compared to self-learning.

Moreover, as participants become more comfortable with Amazon’s tools through these courses, they are likely to become more inclined to make use of the company’s digital ecosystem. This could potentially lead to increased adoption of AWS services, thereby expanding Amazon’s user base and boosting its revenue streams.

Generative AI


The introduction of these new courses from Amazon Web Services is an exciting development for individuals interested in exploring the world of generative AI. With a range of free and paid options catering to different skill levels and needs, Amazon is helping bridge the knowledge gap and demystify the complexities of AI technologies.

Whether you are a developer looking to enhance your coding skills with CodeWhisperer, a business executive seeking to leverage AI for better decision-making, or a DevOps professional eager to gain hands-on experience, these courses offer invaluable resources. By embracing Amazon’s generative AI courses, individuals can unlock their potential and gain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

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