Apple’s useless $29 dongle

Apple's useless $29 dongle

Apple’s Shameless Trick: Selling a $29 Dongle You’ll Never Need

Apple Charging Dongle

In a move that can only be described as shameless, Apple has now made available for purchase the Lightning to USB-C adapter in its stores. For the low price of $29, you can buy a dongle that allows you to charge your iPhone 15 with a cable that is soon to be obsolete. Sounds enticing, doesn’t it? Or you could just use the USB-C cable that you probably already have.

Now, if you’re a Mac user, chances are you already have a USB-C cable. The same goes for iPad users. Even Android users who are making the switch to the iPhone probably have a USB-C cable lying around. And if you don’t, you can easily find one on Amazon for less than $10. So why on earth would you spend $29 on a dongle to convert your trusty Lightning cable? The math just doesn’t add up.

A Welcome Change for Apple Users

During Apple’s recent September event, the company unveiled its new lineup of iPhones, the first to feature a USB-C port instead of the proprietary Lightning cable. This subtle mention was certainly a welcome change for many users who have longed for a universal charging standard across their devices.

Interestingly, this move aligns with a mandate passed by the European Union in 2022, which requires all tablets and devices to use USB-C charging as the universal standard by 2024. So, while we knew this switch was coming, we didn’t expect Apple to be so petty about it. But then again, this is Apple we’re talking about.

Apple’s Contradiction: E-Waste Concerns and Dongles Galore

Ironically, Apple had previously argued against the EU’s universal charging mandate, claiming that it would result in increased e-waste. However, during the event, Apple heavily emphasized its commitment to sustainability. This makes their creation and sale of a redundant product, such as the dongle, all the more puzzling. It seems that when it comes to dongles, history repeats itself and Apple just can’t resist the temptation.

Apple Event

This isn’t the first time Apple has faced criticism for its strategy of creating incompatible devices to boost revenue. The company seems intent on milking every last drop out of its customers, even if it means selling overpriced dongles that serve no real purpose.

In conclusion, while Apple’s move to embrace USB-C charging is a step in the right direction, its decision to sell a dongle for $29 feels like a desperate attempt to squeeze more money out of consumers. Thankfully, there are more affordable and practical alternatives readily available in the form of USB-C cables. So save your money and avoid falling for Apple’s latest trick.