Apple’s M3 MacBook plans at risk this year | ENBLE

Apple's M3 MacBook plans at risk this year | ENBLE


We’ve been eagerly anticipating Apple’s release of the new MacBook range powered by the M3 processor this year. However, according to renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, it seems that our hopes may be dashed. Kuo reveals that Apple is scrapping its plans to launch M3-powered MacBooks this year.

Now, hold on a minute! This news contradicts earlier reports that claimed Apple would unveil the new MacBooks by September. However, recent mounting reports indicate that Apple is delaying its plans. Just a couple of weeks ago, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman dropped a bombshell, stating that Apple is downsizing its usually grand Mac-focused event in October. This suggests that Apple might pull a surprise move and quietly release the new product through a press release, without the fanfare of a full-blown presentation.

Usually, Apple organizes events to announce its new chip launches. Considering that the company is likely to refresh its MacBook lineup, it’s highly unlikely that such a significant announcement would be made solely through a press release. According to speculations from 9to5Mac, one possibility is that Apple will introduce the M3 with an updated 24-inch iMac, which hasn’t received an update since 2020 and is still strapped with the aging M1 chip.

Adding more substance to Kuo’s report is Apple’s recent focus on its Mac lineup. In June, Apple introduced not only a 15-inch MacBook Air but also a new Mac Studio and Mac Pro. This suggests that Apple has already invested significant attention into its Mac devices this year.

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While M3 MacBooks might not grace our screens this year, it’s evident that Apple is laying the foundation to launch them. Reports indicate that Apple has already secured a year’s worth of TSMC’s N3 (3nm) node, which is said to be the platform for the M3. Interestingly, the same N3 node is expected to power the A17 Bionic chips, which we anticipate will make their debut in the upcoming iPhone 15 range during Apple’s event on September 12.

If we are fortunate enough to witness the arrival of the M3 this year, it will likely make its appearance in only a handful of devices. According to previous reports, Apple plans to postpone the launch of the M3 Pro and M3 Max until 2024. After all, the Mac Studio and Mac Pro were just updated in June, so it makes sense to give them some room to shine.

The M3 is expected to bring a significant upgrade to Apple’s lineup. While devices like the MacBook Air M2 left some of us wanting more due to their incremental improvements over the M1, the new N3 node in the M3 is rumored to pack a serious punch in terms of performance.

Ultimately, we just have to exercise patience and wait for Apple to share more details. Historically, Apple’s fall Mac event takes place in mid-October, usually with an announcement the week before. So, it won’t be long before we uncover more exciting news from the Cupertino giant. Stay tuned!