Apple’s iPhone 15 cases have a different texture from leather.

Apple's iPhone 15 cases have a different texture from leather.

Apple Rumored to Release Vegan Leather Alternative Cases for iPhone 15

Rumors have been circulating that Apple will not be releasing leather cases for its iPhone 15 lineup. However, leaked images have recently surfaced online, purportedly showing an alternative leather-like case from Apple. According to these leaks, the tech giant will be using vegan materials to create the cases, offering a different feel and texture compared to traditional leather.

iPhone 15 alternative leather case

The leaked images were shared by renowned leakers Majin Bu and @DuanRui on Twitter. These images were sourced from Weibo and are believed to be based on Apple’s official leather-alternative cases. The cases appear to be made of a patchwork of two vegan materials, showcasing Apple’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. While further details about the materials used remain scarce, it is clear that Apple is exploring more eco-friendly options.

It is worth noting that this rumor aligns with previous claims from multiple sources suggesting that Apple will not offer new leather iPhone cases this year. If true, this marks a significant departure from Apple’s long-standing tradition of releasing leather cases alongside its iPhone models. The company first introduced its leather cases back in 2013, alongside the iPhone 5S. Since then, Apple has regularly refreshed its selection of colors and made minor design refinements, such as adding aluminum buttons and compatibility with MagSafe.

The absence of leather cases from Apple’s upcoming iPhone 15 lineup points to a shift in the company’s approach. By opting for vegan materials, Apple is not only addressing environmental concerns but also catering to a growing demand for ethical and sustainable consumer choices.

Apple’s new lineup of official iPhone 15 cases is expected to be revealed alongside the iPhone 15 series itself. The much-anticipated announcement is set to take place at an event scheduled for September 12. Although the leaked images do not represent the official color options, they provide enthusiasts with a glimpse of what to expect from Apple’s leather-alternative cases.

In summary, Apple’s decision to reportedly release vegan leather alternative cases for the iPhone 15 showcases the company’s commitment to sustainability and ethical consumer choices. This shift away from leather signifies Apple’s willingness to adapt and embrace eco-friendly materials. As the anticipation builds for Apple’s upcoming event, fans eagerly await the official announcement and the opportunity to protect their iPhone 15 with these innovative and conscious cases.